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Thin Optics modern pince nez

As seen on T.V.
As seen on T.V.

Any DebSpecs regular knows that we love to carry innovative vision products. This one knocked us over! The thickness of just two credit cards, and lighter than a nickel, Thin Optics is a Pince Nez style arm-less reader. The frame is made of durable & flexible surgical grade metals, while the lenses are optical grade scratch & shatter resistant. The "flex grip" materials "pinch" onto your nose and stay on incredibly well. If you are not yet impressed, let's discuss the case- The compact case sticks onto your cell phone, or slips easily into your pocket, purse or even wallet. You will never get caught without your readers again!

This product is great for everyday use, or for athletes who hate the thought of bringing their glasses with them on a jog or bike ride. Slip them onto your phone, or into the tiny pocket of your athletic gear. Also great for anyone who forgets their glasses. Ever try to read a menu in a dim restaurant without visual aid? Another great use is with headphones; Headphones often get tangled in the temples of reading glasses, but Thin Optics offers a way around it. Try Thin Optics today!

People looking for Vintage Specs, please note that those are currently unavailable as we search for a new manufacturer. Check back here for updates.

  • +150, +200, +250,

  • Actual glasses are 4-2/3" wide

  • Price includes pair of glasses plus universal case that sticks on any size cell phone.

  • Case sticks onto phone, or slips into wallet or purse

  • Easy to carry during jogs, bike rides

  • Easy to use with headphones, as there are no temples for the wires to get caught on

  • Makes reading in bed while lying on your side easier. Again, no temples to interfere.

  • So portable you will always have them with you. Never attempt to read a menu without your readers again!

  • Optical grade shatter proof poly carbonate lenses (prescription quality)

  • Comfortable nose pads

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Power +1.00, +1.50, +2.50
Other pince nez
Lens clear regular
Height slender, half-eye
Size small, average, wide
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