Virtual Try On Pupillary Distance

With our new virtual try on system, in order to properly estimate the SIZE of the glasses, it's important to enter your PD, or Pupillary Distance at the top of the try-on pop up window. Please understand that our Virtual Try On used with the PD is an estimate, but NOT a guarantee that the glasses will fit. Read on for instructions on how to find your PD.

You can determine your own PD with a ruler and phone camera
  1. Hold a ruler to your forehead, and take a selfie about arms length away. It's important that your face is centered in the image, no tilts or angles.
  2. Looking at that photo, measure the millimeters between pupils. (Almost all adults are between 54 & 74, with the average being closer to 60. )

The try-on is new to our website. We have to add products one by one, so it's not available on all product pages yet. When it is, you'll see a red "Virtual Try-On" button on each product page, near the "add to cart" button.


DebSpecs just launched a separate website,, which focuses on getting brand new, upgraded lenses for our customers' pre-existing prescription eyeglass frames. This refers to any frames they already own, even if not purchased from us. We have been performing this service upon customer request for a few years, without advertising or promoting, but it has grown in popularity over the past year, so we decided to launch the service as a separate website to streamline the process and make it available to customers and prospects who otherwise didn't know this could be done. It is a very niche service, focusing on YOUR favorite prescription frames. Over time, lenses can get scratched and damaged, and we can replace or even upgrade them, using the same prescription. We are sorry, but at this time we do not put your prescription into new frames, we don't fix old frames, and we cannot change your existing prescription. Again, it's a very niche service. We may expand in the coming year, but for now it's a re-lens service only.

Gifts For Her Under $20

fashionable gifts for under $20 feature womens colorful, trendy reading glasses and bifocal sunglases
DebSpecs readers make fabulous and affordable gifts for women for under $20. Perfect for secret santas, stocking stuffers, or affordable quality gifts for your friends, co-workers and family. Especially suited for women who love fashion. Shown above:
~Jet Set Hidden Bifocal Sun Readers $16.95
~Stonewall readers (peaking up out of stocking) come in rich colors and in our opinion are the perfect round as far as size and shape. $15.95
~Third from bottom, near toe of sock: Unicorn readers have a universally flattering rectangle shape and come in striking and fun color pallets. Great for people who wear diverse colors. Also great for people who you're bored of looking at because all they wear is black or earthtones. Enough already! Spring hinge frame. $14.95
~Second from bottom (peach color) High Tide for $14.95 is available in trendy winter pastels and mismatched stem colors. Spring hinges.
~Abyssinian Cat $14.95 is the perfect design, flattering and chic. Thin, not oversized, cat eyes are all the rage moving into 2020 as witnessed at the American Music Awards and seen on countless celebrities.

The Truth About No Line Bifocals

Many people inquire about no-line bifocals. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but
there is no such thing as no-line bifocals.
Here's why: The only way to manufacturer a lens that truly has no line is for the power located on the bottom of the lens to gradually change over to the power on top. In other words, there is a band located in the middle of the lens whose power progresses from the bottom area to top. This is what's known as no-line, interchangeably called multi focal or progressive readers.

The next question people often ask is "do we carry a no-line" that is zero power on top. Yes, but, to be honest, they can be annoying and hard to get used to. They're one of those products whose reality is often a disappointment compared to the envisioned ideal. Imagine looking through the middle band, directly in your line of site, and that band isn't a set power but rather progresses from your reader power all the way to zero power. Your eyes have to find the focal "sweet spot", then "lock in" at that point. Most of our customers have better luck with our more inexpensive multifocals. These are NOT zero on top. Rather the top portion is about 50% of the bottom. This makes that middle band easier to use. That being said, many customers who are already accustomed to progressives like our zero top multi focals. Keep in mind that they're NOT good for driving, as that variable magnification is located right in your line of site. Multi focals are best for office use, where people often need different powers for reading their computer monitor, phone and papers on their desk.

The BEST products if you like bifocals but don't want others to see a line are
"hidden bifocals".
They're easy for your eyes to use, but they have the added advantage of disguising themselves so when other people look at you, it's less obvious that you're wearing bifocals. I stress again,
hidden means they're KIND OF hidden. Again, there really is no such thing as a bifocal with no line. You can read about hidden INNER bifocals, and hidden BLENDED bifocals here>> or view the quick video below.

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