Crown multi focus

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Multi focal no-line progressive lens in a retro browline style.
    A few notes:

  • The bottom of the lens is your reading strength.

  • The middle of the lens is slightly less, and is optomized for computer and device viewing.

  • The top of the lens is about 50% less than the bottom, and is good for looking across your desk at a calendar or bulletin board.

  • When you select your strength from the drop down menu, select your regular reading strength. This will correspond to the bottom, or strongest part, of the lens.

  • POWER +175,+200,+250,+300

  • Color Black,Brown

  • Size 1-3/4" x 5-5/8" for large faces

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Power +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00
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