About Bifocal Reading Glasses

Bifocal reading glasses have zero magnification on top, with an area of reading glasses at the bottom so you can look far away without distortion, then peer down when you need to read. GREAT for multi tasking, driving, shopping, dining, knitting, reading music and more. Dozens of HOT, quality bifocal reading glass styles, most under $20

How To Order Reading Glasses Only From Your Progressive Rx

If you wear progressive eyeglasses, but you want to buy a separate pair of glasses dedicated to reading, how do you figure out your reading power?

It's pretty simple, but take a second to absorb the info. It involves simple addition, but can be subtly tricky. All you have to do is add the OD sphere to the OD "Add" for the right eye reading power, and the OS "sphere" and OS "add" for the left eye reading power. In the example below, both eyes will have a +2.75 reading power. How to read your reading glass power from a progressive prescription

A common mistake occurs when people add up the wrong numbers. Be careful not to add up your sphere to your sphere, or your "add" to your "add". A common mistake in interpreting your progressive prescription

Keep in mind that your sphere may be a negative number. When this happens, utilize the usual rules of adding negative to positive numbers. In the example below, note that -.75 + +1.50 = +.75, so the reading power is +.75, and that is for both eyes, since both eyes in this rx are the same.

Optician Josh of My Eyeglass Club explains this all in the video below. Since reading glasses are our only business, we partner with My Eyeglass Club to fill the prescription needs for some of our customers.

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The Best Way To Find Glasses On

Using the search box for keywords isn't always the best way to find your perfect readers. We encourage you to browse the categories. The categories can be found on the top of the page on a desktop, or using the hamburger menu of a mobile device. The reason why is search engines (including internal search engines as the one on aren't great with numbers which hinders a power search. Also, by default it will give too many results on generic terms. For example, "blue filter blocker lenses" may also bring up frames that are the color blue. We can hone customer search terms to get redirected the the proper page, but we may not have discovered YOUR search term to fix it yet. It's best to get an idea of the #1 most important physical property for you. Is it the lens type? For example, "sunglasses" that are bifocal? Or the shape? Like say, aviator? Try to choose that category. ONCE in the category, you can further hone it by power, and gender. The more specific the category, the easier your search will be. For example, starting with "women's glasses" category may not be the best idea, because you STILL have to sort through about 50% of over 600 styles. It may be easier to start with a smaller category, like "sunglasses", then filter out the "womens". This video to learn the best way to quickly find your pair.

New Summer Readers 2022

We just added FIVE new summer reading glass styles this week alone, so check back often, as we're scrambling to keep this page updated!

Huge chunky dramatic high end readers feature dramatic leopard plastic oversized frame and pristine optical lenses
Wild Side reading glasses feature chunky leopard print high end acetate frames in dramatic oversized chunky style with pristine optical lenses. Virtual try-on available on product page>>

Round contour cat eye reading glasses in see through plastic color frame with pristine optical or blue light lenses
"Clearly Cat Eye" glasses are available with crystal clear optical reading lenses or blue light lenses.

soft cat eye translucent plastic cat eye shape frames with pristine optical lenses
Jenny luxury readers feature soft contour cat eye in refreshing signature summer colors like PEACH!

wire rim high end readers in pentagon shape with crystal clear reading lenses
Geometry Wire Rim Luxury Readers combine the traditional lightweight conservative styling of metal eyeglasses with creative shapes.
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