Trendy Bifocal Reader Styles

Bifocal reading glasses are super convenient because you can leave your readers on all day. The top part is clear, non magnified so you don't get eye strain when you look distances. Simply peer down through the magnified bifocal section when you need to read something. Browse our entire bifocal reader section which includes regular and no line bifocals. To view the styles shown visit the links below the image. 2019 Bifocal Reader Trends
  1. Top of wood nose : Alert blended bifocal (more colors available) $15.95
  2. Black glasses to LEFT of nose: Chairman Inner Bifocal (also in tortoise brown) $14.95
  3. Tortoise brown glasses at base of nose: Wish inner bifocal. Also in black, see through. $15.95
  4. Round tortoise pair on left: News bifocal (Also available in other colors) $14.95
  5. Bottom: Future ultra light bifocals (Other colors available) $15.95


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