Computer Glass Comparison Chart

chart of the different types of computer glasses
CategoryUV ProtectionBlue Light FilterAnti-GlareBifocal-TrifocalAvailable strengthsLens tintOverall benefit
ClearBlue Yes Yes Yes No No power to +3.00 Slight amber and slight anti-reflective violet hue. Prevent eye strain, headaches & fatigue as well as long term eye health issues.
Melanin Yes Yes Yes. Naturally anti-reflective, no coating. No No power to +2.50 amber Prevent eye strain, headaches & fatigue as well as long term eye health issues. Amber tint enhances contrast.
Multi-Focal Progressive Some styles Some styles No Yes +1.00 to +3.00 depending on style No Prevent eye strain due to needing various reading strengths for various tasks. Prevent neck/back pain because you don't have to move closer, further or twist to see device properly.
**Dual Strength Bifocal No No Yes Yes New products now available. Currently not available with AR coating. Prevent eye strain, headaches & fatigue by offering different strengths to view different distances.
E-Specs No No No Yes No power to +2.50 depending on style No Prevent eye strain from glare.

We created a reference table which highlights the major differences and similarities between most computer lenses that are on the market today. We were sure to include information people ask us about. The most common inquiries that couldn't be charted are listed below:

Why don't we carry one computer glass that has ALL features? For example, a tri-focal with Melanin that filters UV & Blue Light with an AR Coating?
The answer is cost. You can get anything you want customized at the optician, but a reader like that would cost at least $300, and that's just for the lenses. We are committed to providing low cost solutions. About 8 years ago, we custom made a computer bifocal that cost $60, and that was without any coatings or UV protection. We also carried a tri-focal progressive for $60. Now these items cost $35 and under! We hope the cost will decrease for other solutions, and we want to be the first store to carry them.

Why are the Melanin and ClearBlue glasses more expensive?
These are high end frames, usually used for prescription glasses, paired with high quality lenses. The filters are quantified (measured) to be greater than 40% for blue light, which is an excellent filtration. The lenses are also manufactured for prescription glasses and are usually much, much more expensive. So though these may be among our most expensive, they are by far the best value.

Why don't the lenses filter 100% of blue light?
Some blue light is actually beneficial and helps regulate sleep. Also, blocking out 100% of the BAD blue light would necessitate a super dark tint. This would cause eye strain, which would defeat the purpose.

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