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Hi, I'm Debby. In 1996, when the dot com boom began, I was already selling reading glasses around the world using good old fashioned paper catalogs and word of mouth. You better believe I jumped on that "world wide web bandwagon" and got myself a website! At the time I was almost 70 years old. I have since seen online companies, started by young eager whippersnappers, come and go, but we are still here. Built on a foundation of trust, integrity, fashion, product knowledge, quality, and modern website technology (are you tired yet?), pleasing our customers is a tireless and gratifying endeavor. We may be the oldest online reading glass store on the internet, but we're not sitting around collecting dust. Give us a try! Your purchase has a 30 day money back guarantee, and you can read the details here>>

Over twenty five years ago I started Debby Burk Optical when I couldn't buy reading glass styles I liked in the strength I needed at my local Vision Center. Now, I regularly shop the world over, to bring you the most complete collection of eye glasses at affordable prices.

Since eye glasses, including reading, computer and sun, is our only business, your complete satisfaction is very important to us. We carry the finest optical quality ready to wear reading glasses, computer glasses, prescription eyeglasses frames, bifocals, sunglasses, folding glasses, magnifiers and eye wear accessories in stainless steel, wire rim and lightweight carbon eye glass frames. We offer a wide range of price points, to please customers who want quality inexpensive readers as well as seekers of designer eye-wear and optical lenses. Whether you are spending $8 or $80, we guarantee value.

We also sell a complete line of accessories including eyeglass cases, eyeglass holders, mirrors, chains, magnifiers, lens cleaners and cleaning cloths. You should also browse our new line of low vision aids designed for the visually impaired.

All of our eyeglasses are sold with reading glass powers. We also offer our computer glasses with zero power for the younger generations who don't need readers but want to protect their eyes from UV & blue light. We do not fill specialized eyeglass prescriptions. However, many of our customers buy frames from our "Frames And Optical" collection and have their opticians Rx them. To be clear (that's what we try to do best!), though we sell our better readers WITH reading lenses, those frames can also be fitted with customized prescriptions by your optician.
Why spend the time and effort elsewhere looking at a limited selection of reading glasses when you can select from hundreds of styles and colors from the convenience of your home or office? And we ship most Domestic orders within 24 hours, so you don't have to wait to get what you need.

We've Upgraded Our Web Store!




Debby and crew are so proud to announce our recent website upgrade! We hope you like the new, airy design. For our customers who have been with us for a couple of decades now, we understand how disorienting it can be. But trust us when we say our design decisions were carefully made with your future browsing ease in mind! For example, when you navigate to a category, you can further narrow down your search by strength, color, etc. Say you want a cat-eye glass, but with sparkles in +2.50. Why browse through the entire cat eye section when you can quickly pick only those that also have sparkles and are available in +2.50? There are a few features we are still moving to our new site, such as our product reviews from the old store. We're also upgrading our "Virtual Try On' which could take a couple of months. Thanks for your patience! Call us if you have any questions, and please let us know what you think!

A few things to keep in mind from our site upgrade in early 2018:

  • You will have to create a new password. Use the online password feature, or call us at 516-935-4584 We're sorry, but your security is our #1 priority. We cannot move passwords from old site to new. It's not safe.
  • Your order history from before December 1st 2016 is in-house now, and cannot be accessed online. Call or email and we can tell you (or email you) the information.
  • The Virtual Try On was quite dated so we decided not to include it on our new site. Our upgrade will take a few months, but it will have many added features.

**Lenses +2.75 and stronger can only be sold to those replacing their current diopter prescription.
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