We apologize, but the follwing products have been discontinued. The most common reason we discontinue a product is because the manufacturer no longer makes it. However, sometimes it is because even though we absolutely love it, the product sadly does not sell and it is no longer feasible to carry it.
  • Bed Specs. Glasses with a prism mirror system that allow you to view the tv even though your eyes are pointing toward the ceiling while lying down.
  • Princess and Doll designer optical readers has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The closest available style we have is First Lady
  • Magnibrite light gathering dome. We discontinued this high quality, high priced product because it didn't sell until we lowered the price to below wholesale.
  • Zoey optical readers were discontinued by the manufacturer. The closest available product we have based on shape, quality, size and color is Sky.
  • Hot Fudge. The closest available frame we have is Philharmonic.
  • Glacier & Networker dual strength bifocal has been discontinued as the manufacturer closed the business. We have a few other dual strength styles left, or you can browse the multi focal line.
  • Check and Preppy Time High Power are no longer available, but we have these other great styles available in +4.00 and over.
  • Dandy was a stainless steel lightweight optical reader that was unique because the frame was thick conveying a "chunky" appearance whereas most metal readers are wire rim. We don't have anything close, but perhaps you may like some other metal round reading glass styles.
  • Mini star was a collapsible reader with case. Sadly, we did not sell many until we dropped the price below wholesale, so we declined another production run when sold out. You can view our more popular compact reading glasses here.
  • Tori Melanin computer glasses were discontinued by the manufacturer. Check out our other trendy Melanin styles.
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