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Prismatic Optical Lenses

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 516-935-4584. Read more detailed description below. For people looking for the round version of these glasses, please call us, we can special order them. 516-935-4584
  • Superior higher power, C39 lens
  • There can be a delay of a few days in shipping this product. Sometimes there is an unexpected surge in sales, and we sell out. Because the lenses are hand ground, it can take a few extra days to replenish our inventory. However, we feel this is a superior product, and despite the wait, we would rather carry this line than other prismatics products. We will contact you if we expect a delay.
  • Available in Crystal or Tortoise
  • Strengths +8, +10, +12
  • Bench aligned sturdy frames
  • SIZE 1 3/8" X 5 "
  • Also known as Prism Glasses

These frames are specially designed to accommodate low vision spectacles. Our prismatic spectacles use optical quality CR-39 spherical lenses which are NOT molded. They can be particularly effective for reading for people with diseases that effect the eyes including cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, Stargardt disease, to name a few. Known as low vision reading glasses, prismatic eyeglasses, low vision spectacles, they are among the best available low vision products.

The spherical lenses have a fixed power throughout the lens. Wherever the person looks through the lens, the strength is the same, which allows them to scan the reading material most effectively. They are different from aspheric lenses, which are thinner, but whose power distorts toward the edges. This works in many applications, but not for prismatic readers. As you scan reading material, your eyes move around, and you don't want one eye to be viewing through reduced magnification while the other eye views through increased magnification. Prismatic readers get thicker toward the edges, which assures uniform magnification throughout. Because of this, coupled with the excellent optical quality of the lens material, these are the most distortion free low vision reading glasses available.

Though our Prismatic Glasses have helped many people, and we have return customers for many years, sadly, they cannot help everyone:( Remember, you can try them risk free for 30 days, and simply return them for a refund if they don't work. We don't have a restocking fee. However, we cannot refund any shipping charges. Our shipping charges are not very expensive, so this is the only risk you would have to take.


Power +8.00 and over
Lens clear regular
Other No
Size small, average
Height half-eye


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