Preference progressive multi focal sun reader

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HAS strengths on TOP of lens.
Finally, an attractive quality multi focal progressive sunglass reader at an affordable price! The no-line tri-focal lens is designed to meet our modern visual needs. Use the same pair of glasses for papers, computers & devices. Trendy round shape with a keyhole bridge.

Choose your ordinary reading strength. This will be the power on the bottom, and the top powers are adjusted accordingly to meet the varying strengths of the average person. This is a "one size" fits all solution, and the powers cannot be customized. However, they will suit most people, and can save hundreds of dollars over going to the optician. Even other over the counter solutions are $10 to $80 more.

-Bottom is 100% full reading power

-Computer (middle) is a little less power

-Across desk (top of lens) is 50% of full power

    Choose your ordinary reading strength.
  • +150,+200,+250,+300

  • +150 and +200 have NO POWER ON TOP

  • Color Black,Gold,Silver

  • 5-3/8" x 1 7/8" for average to large faces

  • UVa and UVb protection. Please note that ALL of Preference have reading strengths on the top. It is a frequently asked question. All ready to wear sun progressives available today in this price range will have a weaker magnification on top, but it's not zero power.
  • More Information
    Power +1.00, +1.50, +2.50, +3.00
    Lens sun full, multi-focal
    Height full lens
    Size average, wide
    Manufacturer DebSpecs
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