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Irresistible Cat Inner Bifocal With Snap On Polarized Sun Lens

Please read product description carefully, as the photos don't tell the whole story:
The glasses themselves are CLEAR bifocal reading glasses (not sun). They come with an EXTRA "snap-on" lens that is a polarized sun lens. It's like getting two glasses in one, because you can wear the same pair inside and outdoors.
As you can see, the frame is a fashionable cat eye reader.
More detail:
  • The actual eyeglasses (the lenses that are permanently in the frame) are not sun and have a hidden inner bifocal. Not invisible, not blended, but "inner". This means the bifocal area is fused on the inside of the lens. This will make it less obvious to other people that you're wearing a bifocal. Otherwise, it's the same as standard bifocals you would buy online.
  • The extra snap-on polarized lens fits over the frame perfectly, and snaps in place using magnets. There is no unsightly old fashioned clip.
  • It comes with an incredible soft eyeglass case, that has a separate compartment for the glasses and the extra sun lens.
  • This product design is brilliant because POLARIZED BIFOCALS are usually at least $100, and are very hard to find in the over-the-counter reader market. UV SUN readers are inexpensive and abundant, but not polarized.
  • 5-1/3" x 1-1/4" for average to wide faces
  • Spring hinges
Color warning: We can't specify color when we order these, we get whatever the supplier sends us based on their availability. When you select your strength, please note that we write next to the strength if any colors are sold out. If it says "no black" next to our strength and you choose black as your color choice, it will delay your order. Due to the unpredictable colors in our inventory, we cannot back order this item.
More Information
Power +3.00
Other spring hinge
Lens sun bifocal, bifocal
Height full lens
Size average, wide
Manufacturer DebSpecs
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