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Manhattan bifocal sun

Bifocal reading sunglasses with flattering soft cat eye shape and inner bifocal lens. Inner bifocals have a clearly demarcated line placed on the INSIDE of the lens. The purpose is that the line is less obvious when people look at you, as there's not "ridge" on the outside of the lens. Of course when you first get your glasses and hold them up to the light, you will see the magnified area because it bends light differently than the non magnified top area. However, put your hand right behind the lens, and you can see how that "inner' bifocal works to make the line less visible. In other words, when you actually wear the sun readers, and they're right near your face, other people will not be able to EASILY detect that they're bifocals. The bifocals aren't blended or gradual or invisible.
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Power +1.00, +1.25, +1.75, +3.00
Lens sun bifocal
Height full lens
Size average, wide
Manufacturer DebSpecs
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