Lumi Loupe Plus Focus-able 17.5X

Focus-able hands free Stand Magnifier. Super strong. Flooded with natural light for BRIGHT viewing. Video demonstration in product details.
"The LumiLoupe Plus" 17.5x loupe makes the ordinary extraordinary. It reveals fine details in items you look at, and a focusable dual lenses allow close examination of objects. The transparent base permits natural light to illuminate the subject for bright, clear viewing, without the need for batteries or bulbs. The advanced magnification technology combines to lenses, which not only allows for more power but decreases distortion. This creates a sharp image at multiple distances. Simply amazing product at an incredible price.

For best results bring your eye up close to the lens.
The 17.5x loupe works best for close up inspection of items; Coins, stamps, photography, miniatures and very very fine text.

  • 17.5x measures 2" x 2" x 1.8"

  • Packaged in professional box. Makes a great stocking stuffer or gift.

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