DELAY WARNING: Lenses are custom order and item takes about 2-3 weeks to ship from our premises.

Pop Super Hi Power Light Sensitive Computer Glasses

DELAY WARNING: Lenses are custom order and item takes about 2-3 weeks to ship from our premises.
This product is custom made per order and takes about two weeks for us to ship out to you.
All colors except for champagne are OUT until at least April 15th.
Our newest ultra high power reading glasses combine style with powerful, crystal clear lenses that protect against blue light emitted from computers & devices, and also turn dark in direct sunlight. Please note that photochromatic (light-sensitive) lenses do NOT get darker in the car. We want to stress that it only gets dark in direct sunlight, when you're outside. Great for gardening, contractors, people who like to read outdoors. The edges of the lenses thicken toward the outer edges. This can be helpful to vision challenges such as macular degeneration, where people rely more on their peripheral vision. We have been selling +8, +10 and +12 readers for about two decades now. They have helped a lot of people who otherwise couldn't read. However, they don't always work and sadly we can't promise that :( We normally have a 30 day return policy, but we extend it to 60 days for our high power readers. Sometimes people who are visually impaired need a little extra time. Sometimes spouses or children or caretakers need to get involved to bring any returns to the post office, or customers just need a little more time to decide. How do these compare with the old Prismatic readers that were discontinued late last year? So far, customers like them better. The lenses are lighter and thinner, and the frames are REALLY fashionable. They're also much more comfortable because the frames are much wider and have spring hinges. powerful prismatic optical readers
You can get an idea from the picture above how strong the lenses are.
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Power +8.00 and over
Other spring hinge
Lens sun full, computer, clear regular
Height full lens
Size average, wide
Manufacturer DebSpecs
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