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Eye Props Accessory For Multi-Focals

The most difficult product we've ever had to describe. What you're buying is a little piece of plastic that has been designed to "prop up" your eyeglasses so they sit further up on your nose Why? Sometimes when people wear bifocals or progressive multi focals, their eyes aren't naturally positioned to look through the ideal area of the lens. You may be tilting your head back so you can look through the BOTTOM of the lens. But the bottom of the lens is meant to peer DOWN into, not straight across at something that's eye level. Eye Props simply lifts your glasses up a little so you're comfortably staring through the bottom of the lens, even if you're looking across at your computer. This makes your prescription readers fit your modern vision needs of staring across the desk at the computer screen. After all, who wants to buy a second pair of $500 glasses just to look at the computer? Simply use the glasses you already have.
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