Czech Crystal Eyeglass Chains

These are high end Czech crystals, the most beautiful crystal eyeglass chain available.
The most beautiful eyeglass chains, made from the finest quality Czech crystal. There is very little room between each stone, so it's jam packed with maximum sparkle in quantity of stones as well as quality.
  • 26" (the actual chain is 24" and the endings add the extra length)

  • Small available in clear. (Please note small rainbow hue won't be available until about Dec. 10. However, you can now get Medium in rainbow hue)

  • Medium available in clear Or AB color (sort of rainbow hues, though not overtly colorful)

  • Large is available in clear stone only.

  • Small is size ss8 stone or about 2.35mm per stone

  • Medium is size ss12 or about 3.1mm per stone

  • Large is ss18 or about 4.3mm per stone.

  • This item is available for wholesale prices for optical shops, salons, etc. Please call 1-800-789-6322 to inquire.

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    Manufacturer Acme Eyeglass Chains
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