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Melanin Lens Computer Glasses

Not all computer glasses are equal. For maximum protection, you want lenses that block out the blue light that's bad for you, in addition to the usual UV filters. Not ALL blue light is bad. Some blue light wavelengths are important to maintain healthy sleep cycles. Melanin lenses allow the good blue through, while blocking the bad. Melanin occurs naturally in the body and blocks harmful rays in your skin and eyes. This technology incorporates the Melanin molecule into the fabric of the lenses!
Blue light (also known as HEV's) are emitted by phones, tablets, and computer monitors and contributes to eye strain, fatigue. Studies suggest that long term exposure may contribute to more serious eye problems. Read more on These computer glasses have special Melanin lenses that are especially effective in absorbing glare, blue, fluorescent & violet light. They are available in reading strengths as well as no power for those who don't need glasses but want the protection.
Lenses are FDA approved.

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