This is a reference to pull together a winter white outfit. You can use items you already have, or use this to narrow down the focus of your shopping. It's not meant as an advertisement for other companies, but we do want to give credit to the gorgeous clothes and accessories we pair with our reading glasses. Certainly most of us are not able or willing to spend over $600 on leggings. We're confident by referencing this "look", you can easily put together a look of your own on any budget.

Winter white outfit ideas

Jen Optical Readers @ Debspecs$39.95
Cowl Neck Sweater @ Macys$24/99
Victor Alfaro Knit Leggings @ Nordstrom$695
Medium Hana Leather Crossbody Bag.See by Chloe Saddle @ Nordstrom$475
Riding Boots @ Macys
Ralph Lauren Pearl Earring Studs @Macys$24.00