We cautiously added a new product today. Purple wayfarer style reading glasses for a man. At first, we asked ourselves: Why on earth would a man wear purple glasses?
Purple Men's 
Wayfarer Reading Glasses
Shown above: Echo Optical Reading Glasses $39.95
Satisfied with the answers,we proceeded to add "Echo" to our high end optical collection.
  1. Because they match purple ties. (Like this $190 Salvatore Ferragamo Diama Bird Print Tie)
  2. Because they're a conversation piece. For example, attractive acquaintances or even strangers may start talking to you.
  3. Because black and tortoise brown for men are SO over-played
  4. Because they match purple men's Converse all-star sneakers.
  5. Because wearing a color on your face makes you look younger! Colors bring out healthy undertones and distract from wrinkles, shadows & sun spots.
  6. Did we forget to mention purple sweater? Bobby Jones Sweater at Nordstrom