Virtual Try On Pupillary Distance

With our new virtual try on system, in order to properly estimate the SIZE of the glasses, it's important to enter your PD, or Pupillary Distance at the top of the try-on pop up window. Please understand that our Virtual Try On used with the PD is an estimate, but NOT a guarantee that the glasses will fit. Read on for instructions on how to find your PD.

You can determine your own PD with a ruler and phone camera
  1. Hold a ruler to your forehead, and take a selfie about arms length away. It's important that your face is centered in the image, no tilts or angles.
  2. Looking at that photo, measure the millimeters between pupils. (Almost all adults are between 54 & 74, with the average being closer to 60. )

The try-on is new to our website. We have to add products one by one, so it's not available on all product pages yet. When it is, you'll see a red "Virtual Try-On" button on each product page, near the "add to cart" button.


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