This quick video explains what Spring Hinges are, as well as demonstrates the best way to find spring hinge glasses on our website. Alternatively, you can view ALL of our spring hinge readers here.

As the name implies, spring hinges have little springs in the hinges of the eyeglasses. Temples, or stems, make a 90 angle with the frame. This angle is rigid on normal glasses. Springs allow the temple to stretch back further without breaking. Depending on the quality of the hinge, they can bend as far as 120 degrees!
The main purpose of spring hinge temples is durability. While standard hinges can snap if forced too far, spring hinges are resilient and can last longer for people who are generally hard on their glasses. It also suits people with wide heads, who feel regular glasses put too much pressure on the sides of their head, or frequently break the temples off their glasses simply from the wear and tear of regular use. Many people believe spring hinges make eyeglasses "tighter" or a "better fit" so they don't fall off when you look down. Unless you have a wide head, this is not the case.