A few of our long time customers have emailed us the past two weeks to ask the same question: Do you have a new webmaster? This question is accompanied by dissatisfaction with the new website. Reasons range from issues with password resets to getting disoriented with the new design. And though most of the feedback has been positive, we not only empathize with the "growing" pains, we share them!

 To answer your question: NO, WE DO NOT HAVE A NEW WEBMASTER We DID completely overhaul and upgrade our website in early December. This was not a luxury, but a necessity. Our website was 10 years old. Every so often it is imperative to upgrade to keep up with advances internet security, as well as integrate with other systems. This is the big picture, but you deserve further explanation.

1. You must reset your password. We could NOT transfer passwords. It would be too risky to do this. Actually, it's not even possible as password data is encrypted. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

2. A few people have not received their "reset" password emails. This is awful and annoying. We are trying to fix the issue, but since we are not experiencing the problem, we have not been able to pinpoint and fix it. Please call us at 516-935-4584 or email us and we will reset it for you right away. It also helps to add support@debspecs.com to your email address book to keep it from spam filters or bouncing.

3. Where did everything go? We used to have our CATEGORIES running down the left side of the website. Now you can hover your mouse over the TOP menu where it says CATEGORIES. This is not by random design. Rather, it unlocks a powerful new browsing feature that we did not have before. Once you navigate to the desired category, you can drill it down by strength, gender, shape, etc.

4.Where is the Virtual Try On? Sadly we outgrew that feature, too, but we are working on a new one! The old one was written in Flash, which is becoming obsolete due to its incompatibilities with phones and tablets.


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