Pupillary Distance For Multi-Focal Zero Power Top

This page is for people who want our progressive multi-focals with ZERO power on top. Specifically, the styles Texas Hold Em or Black Jack for $59.95.** The optics are more complicated in the middle area when glasses progress from a reading power on the bottom toward zero power on the top, especially in higher powers. It becomes imperative to align the lenses and frames with your eyes in a way that is uniquely YOU! This is a brand new product, and we will eventually consider developing an app, but for now, this method is actually EASIER for YOU, as well as most accurate.
Method 1: Send us your photo as follows. Three steps:
  1. Put a credit card on your forehead. You can hold it up to your forehead with one hand, just make sure you can see your pupils!

  2. Take a selfie with outstretched arm. (make sure your card number is not visible- you don't want to send that over an email)
  3. Email the photo with your first and last name to support@debspecs.com
Method 2: You can determine your own PD and email us. Two steps.
  1. Hold a ruler to your forehead, and take a selfie about arms length away. It's important that your face is centered in the image, no tilts or angles.
  2. Looking at that photo, measure the millimeters between pupils. (Almost all adults are between 54 & 74, with the average being closer to 60. )
  3. Email us the PD measurement and your first and last name to support@debspecs.com
**Our less expensive under $30 multi focals are one size fits all and sold as is. Please only email us Pupillary Distances for either Black Jack or Texas Hold Em multi focals.


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