Long distance runner? Cycler? It's no fun when you find yourself miles from home and you can't see your phone. Runners need to travel as lightly as possible, and most modern apparel offers pocket space that doesn't hold more than one key! "Things" are prioritized, and most arm bands have Gu, not glasses. DebSpecs has a few innovative solutions for ultra compact, durable reading glasses.
Tiny reader #1:
The stick-on bifocal. Imagine, a reading glass the size of a quarter??? Can't imagine it? Take away the arms, the frame, then in your imagination wipe away most of the lens until you are left with a bifocal. If you're unfamiliar, that's the bottom part of those clear on top reading lenses. Even if you don't ordinarily wear bifocals, these are perfect for a long haul. That's because they STICK on, without glue, to your regular sunglasses! Of course you wouldn't want to jog in bifocals. You wouldn't be able to see properly through the bottom of your lens, which could cause you to fall. Now you can wait until you're done running. Simply stick them on your regular sunglasses and voila! You'll be able to see your Fit Bit! Ultra Portable Reading Glasses