As we searched the NYC Fashion Week 2017 runway for styles that our demographic of 40+ can rock, we were stunned and impressed with Tori Burch's collection!

Of course, since we are a reading glass shop, we paired them with the best DebSpecs for the look!Lightweight retro 1980's designer readers and eye-glass frames
Above: Lightweight blended blue floral print dress (silk?), knee length with knee high black boots that look like suede.

Paired with:St. Elmo's Fire Retro early 1980's eyeglass frames.

Why? Though the print feels fresh and new, the dress has a flowing late 1970's early 1980's feel. We felt the frames matched this retro aesthetic, as well as color and lightness.



Above: Artistic and opaque, this stunning dress balances between flitted and flowing. Paried with: Shana subtle cat eye or January designer optical
Why? The black offsets the black in the dress without distracting from the other beautiful primary colors. The shape of the frames are unique and interesting, as if designed by the stroke of a paintbrush. The cat eyes shape works slightly better because it balances the rounded toe of the shoe. Yes! We sometimes take shoes into consideration when fitting glasses.
Above: Late 1970's inspired. Do you remember Gloria Vanderbilt velvet pants? Or the oversized ties sported by Annie Hall? Paired with: Julia simple optical designer wire rims. Why? The beautiful colors of this outfit deserve the sort of eye-glass that wears like jewelry, namely, bronze hued metal. This simplicity of the frame lets the beautiful colors in the blouse, shirt and bag take center stage.
Above: Chic nerd collar and incredible, rich British plaid. Paired with: What else but navy toned high end optical reading glasses in either Clubmaster style or lightweight metal.
Elegant mid calf length dress in (silk?) with artistic blue floral pattern reminiscent of Limoges and what looks like Swarovski accents. Paired with: Midnight Swarovski Readers Ivy metal readers, as the simplicity