Ralph Lauren NYFW 2018
Ralph Lauren NYFW Nautical Style
Ralph Lauren Men's Clubhouse Look
  • Ryder $39.95 Why? Round preppy shape, fun yet unobtrusive clear frames.
  • Second from top: Portrait $69.95 Why? Adds another hint of red that matches the bicycle wheel in the tire. Round is the preppy shape of choice.
  • Alice Optical (also available as frames) $34.95 Why? The color and pattern remind us of ocean washed seashells and stones.
  • Last pair. Chance $39.95 Why? Matching blue color. Shape is "serious" to match the more formal aspect of this look.
Long Floral Blouse Keep in mind that we only curate fashion week looks that we feel are mature and/or timeless. Though the model in the image is young, this outfit can flatter us seasoned fashionistas, too.
  • Vivian $59.95 Why? The blue hue. Also the slightly upturned corners, reminiscent of a soft cat-eye, adds a dimension of sophistication to this romantic, beachy look.
  • Second from top: Ryder $39.95 Why? Non invasive clear color and small size lets the outfit shine.
  • Bottom: Kayla $59.95 Why? The color and the thin, airy frame.
Ralph Lauren NYFW 2018
Ralph Lauren NYFW 2018 Nantucket Look