Marc Jacobs NYC 2017 paired with DebSpecs

We are curating our favorite fashion week photos and featuring looks that suit our demographic of 40 years to 110 years old. Here you will find designs that are fun, flirty, daring, and range from youthful to sophisticated. However, we will keep away from short short skirts and also highlight fabric that is roomier. Not a judgement; if you can rock flesh baring styles, more power to you! Women over 40 should wear ANYTHING they want to wear. However, most of us simply don't feel comfortable displaying extra skin. Also, most of us are a little heavier than we used to be (and certainly more so than the runway models!) so baggier clothes can still be sexy, yet help us feel secure. Of course, we are pairing our favorite looks with the best pick DebSpecs reading glasses.


Subtle glitter on reading glasses Shown above: Marc Jacobs fall 2017 style features glittery fabric that is decidedly dressy yet appears to take a cue from hoody sweatsuits. This could stem from the rising popularity of combination yoga-street wear. Yet we feel this takes it to an unprecedented level of pizzazz and elegance. Clearly this is an outfit to step out in, not work out in. yet the mix of comfort and fabric is ingenious.

Paired with: Glitter Gal readers with matching case.

Why? The second we saw this outfit, it was a no brainer. The infusion of glitter makes them a perfect match!



honey brown reading glasses Shown above: Marc Jacobs fall 2017. Our next pic was this outfit because of the combination of colors. Pale powder blue denim, light brown-beighe, brown boots and saddle color bag accessorized with a chunky matte gold necklace and what appears to be a silver longer one. The style ever so slightly evokes an early 1980's feel, when Wrangler Jeans competed with Levis and wealth was worn in gold. The western bag contrast with the English riding inspired hat is brilliant.

Paired with: Glass Candy translucent eyeglass frames.

Why? Color, color, color. Only the purse pops, while all other colors are muted.The honey color blends in with this motif. Also, the soft rectangle shape with slight triangular lift flows well with the collar, the pockets and the purse.


see through readers paired with Marc Jacobs 2017 Shown above: We love the Argyle pattern with white collar. Our work was pretty much done for us because the stylist had already paired with witha pair of white or translucent frames in an aviator shape.

Paired with: Parker Clear Frame Reading Glasses Why? We don't have white nor clear aviator plastics, but these work just as well. The Tortoise Brown stems match color wise, and the retro wayfarer shape is a fit for the Argyle pattern.



aviator eyeglasses with nautical winter look Shown above: We call this look "Nautical Winter". Resort wear is filled with styles appropriate for warm climates on the sea, but only those of us who live on the northern coasts know how to ward off an icy sea breeze. This fur lined coat over clothes baggy enough to hide the layers beneath speak of late autumn, and the nautical rope pattern in the sweater as well as the fish necklace capture the seaside essence. Paired with: Again, our job was easy here! Whoever styles the runway clothes paired it with these squared off aviators. We have a close match. Stratosphere aviators are reading glasses that turn into reading sunglasses when outside. The lenses are photosensitive. However, they only turn dark in direct sunglasses, not in a car or through any window.



chunky readers with lavish king like outfit

 Shown above: To us, this look appears to be monarch inspired, like a king in a red robe with dramatic lapel and imperial jewelry.

Paired with: Renee reading glasses in black

Why? The thick frames and ebony color are strong and bold like the rest of the outfit. The black offsets the bag, and blends with her dark hair and eyes, while the rounded shape matches the sillouette of her hat, long necklace and round toed boot.



Shown above: Not one thing blends yet as a whole it has everything to offer.

Paired with: Sam optical reading glasses. These glasses also come in black, which would work well.

Why? The dark brown in the shoes balances the dark brown of the readers. The shape is unique in that it is hard to tell if it's more round than rectangle. As well, the color and shape combinations of the look are deliciously disparate.