Mismatched patterns are all the rage this spring, and there's no better way to pull this off then striped pants and floral shirts. It's important to choose the proper eye-wear, as well! At first we hoped pale colors and subtle shapes would balance the dramatic patterns, but instead they appeared awkward and...well...too mismatched. Links to the glasses and fabulous clothes are posted below. Mismatched Print Fashion Board Stripes and flowers topped with January black optical readers. Why? The thin frames mimic the thin stripes without interfering. Also, the shape is interesting without being overly dramatic. Mismatched prints with cat-eye glasses Stripes and flowers topped with Graceful Cat optical readers. Why? Nothing makes a style statement like cat eye glasses, so we felt it was appropriate for such a trendy style.
Derek Lam Striped Trousers £60.00 (About $75 ~ price listed is in British pounds)
Floral Shirt from BooHoo in the UK. (About $20 ~ price is listed in British pounds)