Measuring Lens Blue & UV Filtration

DebSpecs is excited to get our hands on a spectrometer so we can get the scoop on how our computer lenses work to filter out UV and harmful blue light. Before, we relied on the information provided by our manufacturers, which is proving to be accurate. However, we didn't have any information on our low cost (under $20) computer readers. Scroll to read more.

Melanin Lenses $40-$60 100% UV & 54% Blue Light filtration
ClearBlue Lenses $40-$60 65% UV & 50% Blue Light filtration
Instagram $15.95 29% UV & 29% Blue Light filtration
computer glass spectrometer reading

Above: These affordable, fashionable over the counter computer readers called Instagram block a percentage of UV & Blue Light. Though 25% UV filtration is a danger for OUTDOORS, it is adequate for indoors, because modern glass and windows already filter out at least 75%. Though only 25% of the blue light is blocked, it also has MORE that's reflected away from the AR coating. Is it enough? So far, (according to American Academy Of Opthamology) the only evidence of issues stemming from long hours of looking at digital screens is eye strain. Therefore, these inexpensive readers could solve your eye strain, and you may not need a better filtration lens. They have worked for many of our customers.

blue light and UV light lens filtration measurement

ABOVE: Though more expensive, Melanin lenses have a much better rate of blocking harmful blue light. It's also incredible at blocking UV light. So much so (100%) that you can wear them outdoors to protect your eyes in sunlight! Other benefits of melanin lens glasses are the amber tint, which prevents visual fatigue by enhancing contrast. The tint also minimizes glare. You can view our entire line of optical quality frames and Melanin lenses here>>

As we've noted in other blog and informational posts, unlike with direct sunlight, there is NO direct evidence that devices emit enough harmful blue & UV rays to cause serious eye diseases, such as macular degeneration. As of now, all evidence points to eye strain. This in itself is incredibly important, because the resultant headaches, watery or tired eyes can effect our stamina to work and as well as mental focus and even visual acuity. Many of our customers love the inexpensive computer readers. Many swear by our higher end Melanin readers. The bottom line is use your common sense. We have a 30 day refund policy, so feel free to try any products. Keep in mind that we don't refund shipping nor supply return labels, so that's your only risk.


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