DebSpecs just launched a separate website, LensRevision.com, which focuses on getting brand new, upgraded lenses for our customers' pre-existing prescription eyeglass frames. This refers to any frames they already own, even if not purchased from us. We have been performing this service upon customer request for a few years, without advertising or promoting, but it has grown in popularity over the past year, so we decided to launch the service as a separate website to streamline the process and make it available to customers and prospects who otherwise didn't know this could be done. It is a very niche service, focusing on YOUR favorite prescription frames. Over time, lenses can get scratched and damaged, and we can replace or even upgrade them, using the same prescription. We are sorry, but at this time we do not put your prescription into new frames, we don't fix old frames, and we cannot change your existing prescription. Again, it's a very niche service. We may expand in the coming year, but for now it's a re-lens service only.


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