We LOVE all the looks featured at this year's John Varvatos NYC runway show. VELVET suits, OMG! We would match any of these earthy yet contemporary reading glass styles with this velvet suit. From top to bottom:
  • Plugged In Optical Readers $39.95 Add $10 for computer lenses. Why? The black balances the pants and the shape is unassuming, retro and sporty.
  • Campbell optical readers $34.95 Why? The round shape blends with the flowing fabric and hat. The neutral color doesn't distract from the thoughtful mix of hues.
  • Juliard Optical readers $39.95 Why? At first glance they're your typical chunky retro Buddy Holly's that took over the optical industry circa 2008. On secod glance, they're anything but. Edgy, modern and unique silhouette can be best described as gentelman's couture. The shape could clash with a lot of "looks", but with this long, dramatic overcoat and sporty sneakers, it's well suited. The color offsets the pants. We feel black or neutral are the perfect counterpoint eye-wear colors. The balances of cream and sable is already perfect so we don't want to throw another of these shades into the mix.
We thought of a few frames that go with this John Vervatos trench coat look. But after we matched it with Evolution, those others were forgettable. This simple outfit which straddles the line between sporty and formal is the perfect canvas for the dramatic metal acetate combination Hemingway brand eyewear.
  • Peyton $59.95 . Why? The color. So many shades of blue, and this one is right in hue. This pair's thin frame lets the outfit shine.
  • Red Hook $39.95 Why? Again,color and color. The red fade to gray balances the sweater and pants and accentuates the contemporary air.
  • Urbanite $39.95 Why? The beret adds a retro 1980's touch as do these chunky early rap style reading glass frames.
Tom Ford left no detail out of his runway show, and we are of course impressed with his choice of sunglasses! This outfit can be worn by men young and old, so we matched it up with Stallion reading glasses for the over 45 crowd. Stallion features a contemporary shape, more square than rectangle, with matte gold embellished temples and an oversized fit.
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F. Burk