Google Blocking Gmails

Google has been blocking gmails if you run out of storage space. (See image below.) As a result, some of our customers have not been receiving important alerts, including tracking and important order questions. It will look something like photo shown. If you have an android phone, we often unwittingly use up storage space. Please check the header of your online gmail account from a desktop or laptop to see if you're having this issue. It has been sporadic, so customers will get SOME of our emails but not ALL. Also, even if you get emails from other companies/people, Google has a algorhtym that guesses (often wrongly) what is important to you, then they block the "unimportant" emails, which could be from DebSpecs.

We take undelivered emails VERY seriously and try to trouble shoot all reported customer issues. , however, some things are out of our control.


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