Gifts For Her Under $20

fashionable gifts for under $20 feature womens colorful, trendy reading glasses and bifocal sunglases
DebSpecs readers make fabulous and affordable gifts for women for under $20. Perfect for secret santas, stocking stuffers, or affordable quality gifts for your friends, co-workers and family. Especially suited for women who love fashion. Shown above:
~Jet Set Hidden Bifocal Sun Readers $16.95
~Stonewall readers (peaking up out of stocking) come in rich colors and in our opinion are the perfect round as far as size and shape. $15.95
~Third from bottom, near toe of sock: Unicorn readers have a universally flattering rectangle shape and come in striking and fun color pallets. Great for people who wear diverse colors. Also great for people who you're bored of looking at because all they wear is black or earthtones. Enough already! Spring hinge frame. $14.95
~Second from bottom (peach color) High Tide for $14.95 is available in trendy winter pastels and mismatched stem colors. Spring hinges.
~Abyssinian Cat $14.95 is the perfect design, flattering and chic. Thin, not oversized, cat eyes are all the rage moving into 2020 as witnessed at the American Music Awards and seen on countless celebrities.


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