Now buying your dad a pair of reading glasses may sound like the most boring imaginable idea, but wait until you see these awesome optical inventions! Below are our top picks, or you can view our entire gift section here.

1. Thin Optics- Super portable, arm-less reading glasses that stick to your phone! $21.95

2. Slim Lens are even tinier reading glasses that fit in your wallet or also stick to you phone $14.95

3. The temples of the Swing Time reading glasses fold over the lenses and act like an eyeglass case! Really cool looking, too. Slip in pocket, gym bag. $19.95

4. Transport has TWO ingenious designs, in the FRAMES and the LENSES. The lenses have THREE different strengths, for close-up, computer & a little farther distance with no line between each. The frames have super long stems so you can hang them around your neck when not in use. $24.95 Special until June 17, 2018.

5. Support . The also lenses have THREE different strengths, for close-up, computer/phone & a little farther distance with no line between each, as well as UV400 sun protection. $24.95 Special until June 17, 2018.

6. Summer full lens readers with POLARIZED magnetic snap-on. We can't say clip on, because there's no clip. Just a seamless magnetic attraction for the sun lens. If you were to buy full sun lens polarized readers, you would spend at least $100. Google it! This is a GREAT, super affordable, high quality alternative. $24.95

7. Stick on bifocals stick on to sunglasses, scuba diving masks, safety glasses. They turn ANY pair of glasses into reading glasses. They simply peel off and can be switched to another pair of sunglasses.

About the author: Farrell Burk earned her Doctor Of Chiropractic at Life University and practiced for over 10 years before joining her families' business, Debby Burk Optical to assist with everything from technical to management. For more info... .