Vince Vaughn's Eyeglasses

Vince Vaughn hits a style home run with trendy, sharp angle, large rectangular frames. And add more kudos for the two-tone color! This style of frame can be purchased at DebSpecs for under $40. Check out the more serious Vice designer optical vs. more hipster Red Hook. Both are available as frames only or with reading lenses.

Meryl Streep's Glasses at the 2017 Oscars

What better way to let a stunning dress take center stage then sport understated wire rim eyeglasses with a flattering subtle shape? Check out Julia optical readers for our closest match.

Gael Garcia Bernal's eyeglasses.

Gael Garcia Bernal rocks these thin frame eyeglasses that can be described as trepezoid shape, which is a rectangle/ triangle hybrid because the vertical lines taper as you go toward the bottom. Our closest pic is Dan Optical Readers for under $40.