Our updated website has been disorienting for some of our repeat customers, but we want to assure you that's it's exactly the same and better. That probably doesn't make perfect sense, but we can explain. Remember how the old website had categories listed on the left hand side? Those exact same categories can be found by hovering your mouse over "Categories" in the top menu. The improvement is, unlike before, once you click the desired category you can further filter all of those glasses by strength, shape, color, etc. Sure you can start by searching by strength first. But then you risk missing some important readers such as hand painted, transitions & wear-overs. Also, you can use the "search box" but sometimes it will yield too many results, or too few. Categories are the easiest way for a company to organize products, and therefore the best way for customers to browse for them! If you have any questions, can't find an item, or want other pointers on navigating our website call 516-935-4584 or email help@debspecs.com