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We just added trendy 2019 reader styles for men & women just added to our high end frames & optical reader collection.
Adelphi $64.95 Thinner frames are trending for 2019, but you have to make sure they are made of high quality materials, like the "ultem" used in Adelphi.
Lovey $59.95 This frame is super thin yet durable. Visit the product page, and have a look at the aereal view.
Bay Ridge $64.95 Ultra thin, light, colorful "Ultem" materials.
Miranda $32.95 Flattering contemporary rounded cat shape, soothing colors and an affordable price for optical quality.
Professor $32.95
Jude $36.95
Damien $69.95
Mason $69.95
Canarsie $64.95
Dallas $32.95
Alana $64.95
Louie $34.95
Tara $34.95 **So far, Tara has been the best seller for our new readers. Proof that metals are making a comeback!
Cali $64.95
 Babyboy mens $39.95
Hazel $39.95
Millie $39.95
Etna $64.95 **Staff pick: Farrell chose these for her newest readers!
Claire $34.95
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