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Alert Blended Bifocal


This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. They won't last at this reduced price. If we are sold out of your power, you may like blended bifocal Principle.
Retro style with an almost invisible line blended bifocal is perfect if you want to keep your glasses on all day and adjust your eyes downward through the reader area when you need to read. Special technology places the bifocals on the inside of the lens, so people who look at you can't discern the bifocal. True No-Line progressives where you can't see the line at all cost $200 and up, so this is a great inexpensive alternative.

Please read below about "blended" no line bifocals before you purchase so you know what to expect. This product got a one star review from a customer because we did not have all the following information on the product page. It's actually one of our best selling readers, and has many fans and repeat buyers. Of course, we'd pull the line in a heartbeat if there was a quality control issue. We posted the review because it was honest and will help future customers know what and what not to expect.
  1. if you hold the glasses up and away from you, you'll be able to see the bifocal simply because things appear different and light bends differently through the magnification spot. We often have customers call us right away because they can "see" the bifocal when they first take it out of the box. You are supposed to see it when looking at it in that situation. Place your hand directly inside the glasses, and you can see how the "bifocal" area almost disappears. This is the purpose of blended bifocals: How the glasses will look to others when they are worn on your face, about an inch from your eyes and skin.
  2. The bifocal is fused to the inside of the lens. However, the line is "smoothed" over, so the transition from reading area to the clear area is gradual. As with all blended bifocals, others will usually not be able to discern that you're wearing bifocals.
  3. If you as the wearer can't stand perceiving the bifocal line, you will probably love this lens.
  4. Cons: For some people, there's a downside to these glasses. There's a blurry area between the reader and the clear area. It's only a millimeter or so. However, some people find it interferes with how their eyes adjust.
  5. Some people expect that the bifocal line goes all the way across the lens. None of the over-the counter bifocals are made in this way. You would have to get them customized at the optician. Indeed, because your eyes converge when you read, it is the reason they don't mass product them in this manner.
  6. Almost 5-1/4" x 1-1/2" for small to average size faces.
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Power +1.00, +3.00, +3.50
Other spring hinge
Lens bifocal
Height full lens
Size small, average
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