Melanin Lens Computer Glasses-
If you find you are suffering from the effects of glare, with symptoms such as headaches, squinting, watery eyes, or fatigue, try Melanin Lens computer glasses. They are available in reading glass strengths for those who wear readers, or No-Strength for those who don’t normally wear glasses. Melanin occurs naturally in our skin and eyes to protect us from harmful light rays, such as from the sun. Now there is a patented technology in which Melanin is infused into lenses. It is not a coating, but rather incorporated in the actual material of the lens. These glasses are superior not only in absorbing computer glare, harmful UV and overhead fluorescent lighting, but all blue lights that are commonly emitted from today’s light bulbs. Studies have shown that using Melanin lenses have helped to prevent Macular Degeneration. Available in a wide range of styles. There are a variety of different "brand" names, such as BlueTech. They all have this same patented component that protects your eyes from blue light. You can see the benefits of blue blocking lenses in this video
Two-Strength Bifocal Glasses-
If you find your main problem while using the computer is adjusting your reading glasses, slouching to peer over them at your monitor, and associated neck & shoulder pain, try the Two Strength Bifocal Glasses. Normally, your reading glasses are ideal for reading pages about 12 to 15” away from your eyes. However, the farther from your eyes that the reading material is, the less magnification you need. Thus, to view your computer monitor, your normal readers are probably too strong. Two-Strength bifocal glasses provide a solution for this disparity. The bottom portion of the lenses have standard reading magnifications, and the top is a little bit weaker. Available in 4 disctinctive styles.
AR Computer, Clip-On and Gaming glasses
Other computer glasses which don't fit into the above categories include: Clip-on computer glasses, computer glasses with anti-protective coating, gaming glasses and more. Each has it's own special properties, so if you click a product you can learn more about how the lens works to protect your eyes and make your viewing of your device more comfortable.