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Item #: APDEB1
Reg. Price: $59.95
Our Price: $29.95
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A classic Pince Nez design. Nose pinch eyeglasses are for customers like you, seeking small easy to carry readers that are unique. If presidents wore them, why not you? These arm-less readers are not just a fashion statement. They are a solution to several situations where the temples are in the way. For example, they are easy to wear with headphones. Only at Debspecs

  • C39 plastic lenses
  • frame can be used for prescription
  • + .50, +175, +200, +300, No power new stock end may
  • Due to interest from theaters nationwide, we now carry this item with no power.
  • Hard case available $4.95
  • Available in Gun metal, Gold (optical)
  • with soft case
  • here.
  • Frame Size 1-1/2" x 4" lense size1 1/2"x1 3/4"
  • Adjustable~ Fits all noses!
  • Check out this Pince-Nez rennaissance blog! It's an entire blog dedicated to Pince-Nez and their enthusiasts.
  • Because it is rimless, there is no way to loop a chain through. However, many of our customers clip an
    alligator clip chain
    directly onto the lens. It is coated with a thick layer of silicon so the lens will not scratch.



Video: How to make your adjustable Pince-Nez wider and more narrow.

style: Pince Nez


Average Rating: (based on 27 reviews) Review summary.

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by Rene Baradat
on 4/26/2014
compact, simple and different
I bought these to use at work in stead of my big klunky prescription readers.  These are much easier to look up over to see beyond the page.  Additionally, they are wonderfully compact and can be carried about inconspicuously in my shirt pocket.  They are also a fun conversation piece.  A very worthwhile investment for $30.00
by Bob
on 4/24/2014
Pince Nez
Impressively chintzy.
by Benjamin
on 3/31/2014
For circumaural headphone users
There are tons of models of circumaural headphones that just cannot be worn with eyeglasses. The arms or temples  either make them very uncomfortable, or they ruin the frequency response curve by preventing a proper fit around your ears. 

Enter "Pince Nez" style eyeglasses. My relatively small bridge made it troublesome to adjust these glasses, but with a different pair of silicone nose pads, these even sit securely enough on my schnoz. And now I can use my Koss headphones properly AND see my DAW software on my computer at the same time. Brilliant!
by John
on 12/16/2013
I was delighted to receive the two pairs of Pince Nez,  they look like jewellery with the polished glass and fine metal fittings.   
I haven't  had much practice at using them yet, but they do appear to do the job I wanted - reading my Kindle in bed.  Small format books should also be possible too.
They are so small and light compared to conventional spectacles, everyone should have a pair.
by James Gibbs
on 10/30/2013
Extremely Happy Customer
I apologize it has taken me so long to correct my previous review.In less than a week after I wrote,I received a new pair of Pince Nez. Amazing Service.Health
problems prevented my writing until now.Thank you.I will be a Debby Burke customer forever!! 
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