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    Notes from our satisfied customers:

  • Thank you for your kind consideration and assistance in helping resolve my issue with the missing glasses. I knew you would come up with the perfect solution! I am pleased with the refund. I just want to take a moment to let you know how thrilled I am with all of my glasses. They are all simply gorgeous! All my friends and co-workers are jealous that I have such unique and stylish glasses. I've recommended Debby Burk Optical to all who ask me from where I've purchased my glasses. I'm just secretly hoping they don't purchase my styles as I'm one who enjoys having one-of-a-kind glasses that portray my individualized personality. Without Debby Burk Optical, I wouldn't have this opportunity. Thank you for that! Also, I would like to express how very impressed I am with the Pin Point hang around glasses! What a wonderful concept the hang around feature is. They truly beat having to wear the eyeglass necklaces I have needed to attach to my glasses in the past, especially since I wear a beaded badge holder for work and the necklaces always got tangled. Please don't laugh but I bought them in colors red, blue, and purple. I may just get the smoke as well. They are attractive with everything I wear. And they're the perfect size and shape for my eyes and face. I couldn't be happier. I am a Debby Burk Optical fan for life. I have actually been a loyal customer since 2012 and will continue to be as long as you're in business and I need glasses. I'm 58 so, yes, I'll be a long-time customer. Your customer service is amazing, and I truly appreciate your kindness, consideration and willingness to work with me. If you can, please pass on my kudos to management. It might be nice for them to hear something uplifting and positive to brighten an otherwise mundane day. Thank you again and I wish you all a very pleasant day! Your happiest customer, Patricia
  • Wow. That’s awesome. I’m ok with just the case. I will be more careful. I am truly pleasantly surprised. It’s been a while since I have had such a great customer service response. My company is all about customer service and nice to see other companies have the same philosophy. Thank you Mila. I will recommend you guys to everyone. Pat
  • Thank you so much. You guys are so great to deal with. You are my go-to reading glasses place. Have a great day. ~Paul
  • Thanks so very much!!!!!! I must say - I love my glasses and your company has been so easy and GREAT to work with!!! Thanks, Stephanie
  • Thanks. Looking forward to receiving my order. Great customer service! Regards Margaret
  • Thank you so much for following up! I have occasionally looked at the website to determine if the 2.50 ever became available. I appreciate you taking ownership of my request and following up with me. Your supervisor should be aware of the exceptional service that you provide DebSpecs customers. ~Cindy
  • Many thanks for the prompt and satisfying solution to our problem. Expect to see my next (bigger) order before week's end. You know how to do business and that a happy customer is gold. ~Jim
  • Thank you. I appreciate the information. Your eyeglasses are awesome! ~Elizabeth
  • I received my order on thurs the 23rd. I really appreciate your help with this . I love the second pair . I think you went out of your way to assure I got the ones I wanted. So thanking you so much. Chris
  • Janet, the glasses arrived today, in time for my trip when I'll certainly be needing them! Can't thank you enough for saving the day and keeping DebSpecs track record at 100% with me. I absolutely love your company! Cheers, Kurt
  • Thank you for the glasses. They are perfect. Will be using you again. ~Kim
  • Gotcha. Thanks so much for the reply. I'm a big fan of your site and a loyal customer. ~Andy
  • Can't find these in stores anymore. It's the only case my hubby ever liked & would carry. I was SO happy to find DebSpecs where I can get these as needed (hubby wears them out!). Thank you, thank you! And their customer care is outstanding! Needless to say, I highly recommend DebSpecs to anyone looking for great selection @ good prices & GREAT customer service. Would give them more stars if there were more. On a scale of1 to 10, they're definitely a 10!
  • Really grateful for the personal care you you and the Company give to customers. It’s really amazing. ~Bonnie
  • Thank you again. I love you guys. ~Barbara
  • Received Order, Love the Glasses, Thanks!
  • hey thx so much 4the credit. i know u didnt have 2do that and i am very grateful. its excellent to see thtatsome businesses still do honorable things. it means soo much. thanks again
  • I so appreciate you all and your excellent customer service! This is why I keep coming back to DebSpecs again and again! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Cyndi
  • I just gave you and the glasses a five star review! My replacement glasses just arrived, and this pair is perfect! Happy Thanksgiving! Dot
  • Thank you very much. I received the new glasses yesterday, and so far they're both comfortable and intact ... no eye-popping problems!I appreciate your good customer service and care. Let me give these several days of wear and, if they keep intact, and because they are attractive and reasonably priced and because your responsiveness is appreceiated, I will be ordering more. All best, Bill, Notre Dame
  • I just wanted to let you know that I received the new glasses you sent me and they are great…It was very generous of you folks to provide me with a replacement pair even after expiry of any warranty period… I very much appreciate your customer service and will certainly recommend Debby Burk Optical to my family and friends… Once again, thank you very much....Ian, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for having such an outstanding collecion of readers to choose from. You have a great eye. From a very happy regular, Trish K.
  • Kind words and Prayers Do keep spirits up. I have ordered glasses from DEBSPECS for several years .I wish that other business reps. that I daily deal with were as efficient and nice as yours, you are in my prayers along with the MANY others effected by the storm. I am in NO hurry.Kim W.
  • Awesome job thank you. It looks like a big mess from the tv hope all is well for you sending good will and prayers your way. Lonnie H.
  • You guys are amazing! Thanks so much! Can't wait to sport my new glasses. Sending love your way!Xo Jade
  • You guys are great. I love doing business locally and I love doing business with a more or less Mom n Pop then some mega cooperate outfit. Thanks!-Mike L., Bronxville, NY
  • I simply love your reading glasses.. I am pleased to do business with your company. Let me know of any sales and new items. Thank you, Dolores W.
  • Greetings: Thank you for handling this interaction so quickly, professionally, and courteously. With continued warmest regards,Bill M.
  • Thank you so much! I really appreciate this. Excellent customer service. Lia W., Winnipeg, Canada
  • Wonderful! i have to say, your customer service department is the best! thanks so much! -Sara, CA

  • I appreciate all that you've done and look forward to getting the new chain! We've enjoyed all of our reading glasses, especially my husbands computer glasses, we've purchased from Deb Specs, this has just made me a more avid customer! - Ann,TX

  • The goods arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase and terrific service from you. Many thanks. Ellen, United Kingdom

  • Your quick, positive responses to the problems with the product does your company credit and I appreciate the help you've given me.- Barbara

  • I love your selection of glasses. The best on the internet. - Glenda, FL

  • I like your " non-pushy" and easy way of doing business..... Nice for a change! - Pierre,

  • thanks so much Debspecs - my specs have just arrived and I'm thrilled to bits! I will be ordering more - there are no cheap trendy reading glasses available in NZ and for someone like me who's eye vision deterioration is age related and constantly changing, prescription is costly - your stuff is great! - Nicki, New Zealand
  • Last week I called your cust. service dept. about a problem I was having with a pair of your readers I had ordered whereas the screws were stripped and the temple arms would not tighten. The rep(Linda) I spoke to was very helpful and sent a new pair along with a note to just keep the old ones for a spare.I've since ordered a couple of other pairs.Customer service these days is almost non-existent so it was really nice to receive such treatment. - John

  • I had questions on the Choker Hangers for eyeglasses. Someone from your store called me back in just a few hours and left me the nicest voice mail, and the answers to all of my questions. Because of the excellent customer service, I just ordered 3 of them, and another product (the magnifying glass on a chain) too. Thank you! Count me new customer and big fan. - Jimsey

  • I just want to send my thanks to your company and its dedicated employees. I failed to realize that Hurricane Irene affected your business. Yet, you completed and mailed my order in good time. I will refer you to any other Dental Hygienists that are in need of magnification for regular safety glasses or Laser goggles. You rose above and beyond. GOOD WORK--you all should be commended. You rock! - Nancy, Las Vegas NV

  • Best sign of a really good company is not how or what they ship, rather it is how they deal with an error. YOU WERE GREAT!! Handled immediately and totally fixed. - Zita .

  • Thank you!!! I am so grateful to get my glasses (Flex Fine line Bifocal Titantium reading glasses). I am elated that you finally got them in stock. I love these glasses. They are so in the now and looks fantastic on me. I wear them well and get so many compliments. - Georgia

  • Fantastic site..Debby has many accessories that are modern and beautiful for all eyeglass needs! - Mary

  • Got it, exactly what I needed! I posted a nice note about you on one of the Droid discussion forums. ~Lou

  • I just received my glasses from you. Thanks for a great product, they are alot better than my perscription progressive bifocal glasses that I paid $300.00 for and can not use because I can not see out of them! Thank-you! ~ Sparky

  • Thank you. Your customer service is unparalleled! ~Connie

  • Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and I'm so happy with everything! Such a relief to find somewhere that I can get my higher strength reading glasses from. Thank you for the little extras too, the key chain, and cloth. ~Lorri, Canada

  • It was a pleasant surprise and far exceeded any expectations I held as to how this matter might have been settled. I am grateful for your assistance. ~Kim, Australia

  • My daughter wanted to wear glasees on her wedding day twilight frames with swarovski crystals are perfect. We will be buying more. I just made another order today. ~Frances

  • Goods received, great service, quick delivery, pleased with the goods, and the service, a big Well Done ~ Paul, Scotsdale

  • Thanks for your continued great service! ~ Debra

  • Many thanks for your kind & swift reply! ~ D. Lindsay

  • My order arrived safely and complete with free credit card magnifier, and I am delighted with all of it! Terrific value and all great fun. I am passing details of your website to all and sundry over here in England - I don't think there's any supplier over here with such a good range of ready readers at such good prices; and your service is excellent and very speedy indeed. ~ Jane, England

  • I want to thank you for impeccable service. I am really pleased with the glasses. ~ Rob, Canada

  • So far the customer service is far and beyond not only other websites but also most department stores. Thank you again. ~ Linda & Michael

  • Thanks for your courteous and quick help. Debspecs rocks! ~ Steve C

  • I'm in customer service and I know good service when I see it. And I'm seeing it in your response. Awesome! Best Christmas EVER!! ~ Allen

  • I recently went on a cruise and met several people who admired my bi- focal readers and I was happy to give them your website, as they were unaware that such aids were available as, like me, they were post-cataract surgery and didn't want to have to wear half glasses. ~ Mona

  • Y’all are so cute. What a pleasant email. I am going to order new specs just because of it. You watch and see! ~ Rhenda

  • In the last couple weeks, I've made two orders( because I lost the first pair) from and both times I was astounded at the prompt porfessional service even though I talked to no one the attention to detail shines through. Brouning in South Texas

  • Thanks love doing business with your company and get so many compliments on my crush eyeglasses. I tell people there my Edith Head glasses.

  • Your company is a wonderful company to work with....and I pass that along to many! Thank-you... Maria

  • Thanks so much for being so efficient! ~ Gail


  • Do you have a facebook page? I am SO impressed with your company and customer service! My dear husband recently placed an order. The order came lickety split and we are both very happy customers! Thank you DebSpecs!~ Stephanie

  • My spectacles arrived today. They are fantastic. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. Warm Regards, Andrew

  • Received my order today! Absolutely speed of light shipping! I WILL be ordering again. Thank You, Patricia


  • Wowee! that was fast, thank you! Lorri F.

  • Thank you for getting my glasses to me so fast. I had cataract surgery on Thursday and needed sunglasses with bifocals as soon as possible because we are going to Aruba shortly. I could not find sunglass readers locally. The glasses are beautiful and fit perfectly with just the right correction. Thanks, Julie

  • I just received my first order from your company this morning. I must say I am impressed with not only the speed with which I received it but the quality of your product. I certainly will be a regular customer and I will be telling others about your site. How nice to have such a good consumer experience. Regards, Joann

  • To whom it may concern, I'm very pleased with your company. You are a first class company! I was really impressed with your shipping. Every step of the way I was informed. So GOOD, made me feel really assured and confident my order way on the way, alright good job! You have a customer for life!!! ~ MSC

  • Your variety is amazing; I can't believe I found the reading glasses I purchased (and love) in Florence, Italy one year ago (VIS Swing Time) Thank You!

  • I've ordered from Deb for years and have never been disappointed. My coworkers compliment my variety of striped/polkadot/sequinned eyewear and I always say, "as long as I have to wear readers, they have to be fun! I get them from DebSpecs!" I live in MD and my order arrives from NY in 2 days! Wow! ~ Gail

  • Thank you !!! and you deserve those kind words. I order a lot of stuff from the internet but you definitely have the best customer service I have ever seen. Thanks much !!! ~ Linda

  • I am so happy to have found your website I look forward to receiving my orders and placings futures orders Thank You Sarah

  • I just ordered my second pair of glasses from DebSpecs and I want to tell you how pleased I have been with my first purchase! I can't wait for the new glasses to arrive! I have been struggling with needing reading glasses, but have normal distance vision. Being outdoors caused problems - sun glasses and having to carry around readers - and if I was sitting by the beach, trying to read, I had to resort to those sunglasses to put over the readers! I chanced upon your web store and my first purchase was bi-focal sunglasses! They have been great! Of course, I still had the problem of the readers - one pair of dollar store variety in every room of the house, a pair in my handbag etc. So, I thought I would come back to your store and buy a pair of bi-focals so that I can wear them all the time, when indoors and not have to be hunting for readers! Thank you so much for the great products! I can't wait for the new glasses to arrive!

  • I have already received the two cases that I have ordered. You guys are great. Keep up the good work ( customer service ). BE WELL, RIDE SAFE. D. Michael

  • I would just like to let you know how very much I appreciate the prompt, professional way my orders have been handled. I've ordered twice from your website and have been very pleased with my glasses. There was an oversight on my most recent order. The error was corrected courteously & promptly. Being a customer service rep, myself, I like to share "the good news", as well. My compliments! Sincerely,Tammy

  • You guys are wonderful! I got both pair, in the color that I wanted and I got them in two days! I will ALWAYS shop with you! , Peace, Bhodi

  • Got my "George Burns" glasses today! Wow perfect! Thank you! Say goodnight Gracie Boomachova ! hahahahahah ~ John

  • Glasses are amazingly light and fit well. Slightly weaker than my old pair of +250, but just fine to see with. It is almost impossible to buy big glasses in UK - shops are full of tiny "peepers"! I am very happy with this purchase, Thank You, Debby Burk Opticals! ~ Anna

  • Fantastic - you really know what service is about. Look forward to ordering from you again... Harry

  • I love Debbie Burk opticals. Thank you, Ann, Scarsdale NY

  • Thank you so much for your quick response. I'm totally impressed with your service and I'm sure i'll be doing more business with you in the future. Sincerely, Katherine

  • I received my new pair of glasses and they are perfect. Thanks for your prompt attention to my problem. Katherine

  • I have just received my order - that was fast!!!!! I love both of the products (italian spec chain and 'today' bif sunreaders). Thanks SO much for all your help and particularly to the ladies who helped me on the phone. ~ Eleanor

  • Thank you for signing me up for your very creative and colorful newsletter. I'll explore it carefully and who knows I may be like Imelda Marcos and go wild with collection eye wear instead of foot wear. I am a very patient individual, I will wait for my order without any grief because I know I am in good hands. ~ Leo

  • Gosh you are spectacular. Specs in your company name means spectacular to me!!! Thanks ~ Seena

  • I just received my order. In place of a silver frame pair that was out of stock a gold frame pair was sent w/a note explaining the back order. Also, I could replace them at your cost if I didn't like the gold pair. Whom ever thought to put the gold pair in & ship them is BRILLIANT!!! I love the gold pair. I thought about ordering them but was hesitant. I love them & would like to thank you for taking it upon yourself to send them. I love your glasses. They are always excellent quality & last until they are completely worn out. Thanks Again, Linda

  • Received the glasses I ordered today. Thanks for the fast shipping. The glasses are awesome. Exactly what I wanted. I will recommend them to all my friends. Many Thanks, Lisa

  • Your products and service are OUTSTANDING.. Robert

  • Thanks so much. I appreciate your service. I am willing to do business with you again. ~ Marco

  • WOW! They arrived today.... Can’t believe they’re here already! ~ Mendy

  • Dear Burt, I have been buying your specs for many years. I love your company & your specs. So happy. I do want to tell you for the 1st time I had a problem with 2 of the specs that I bought. I have been emailing back & forth with Mila. I just want you to know what a wonderful person she has been. She has gone above & beyond the call of duty to try to solve my problem. Bravo to Mila, Customer Service & to Debs Specs! About Customer Service Rep Mila ~ Heidi

  • I just received my order of the EMFOLD glasses - They are great!!! You don't know how long I've looked for these - my original pair (at least 15 years old) are truly beaten up! I have just placed an order for two more pair - so it should keep me in good stead for a while to come. Many Thanks, Terry

  • Thank you for helping my Mother! ~ Sharon

  • Thank you for your excellent inventory of glasses to choose from. ~ Marjie

  • Thanks for the great service in all my dealings with your company. ~ Jo Anne

  • My nose pads arrived today and my favorite readers are back in A1 condition. Deb's Spec's still has has the best customer service of anyone I have ever done business with. ~ Stephen

  • I like your philosophy toward your customers...well done. You now have a loyal customer :-) ~Richard

  • Thanks for the speedy service. You're my number one on line retailer for glasses. Thanks Again! Alan

  • Thank you so much. I love your site and am going to order some reading sun glasses. Patty

  • You are fabulous... just look at you! Responsive and efficient. Perfect. ~ Moe

  • Just rec'vd my glasses and had to let you know how happy I am with them. For the price the frames are a great quality, in fact, better than the ones I pay 100.00's for. No kidding!

  • . I just love your glasses (as you can see from my orders). Regards, Allen

  • Yep - received them and they are correct! I love them!!!! Thanks for the quick email response and also for the fast delivery! ~G

  • It's very pleasing to deal with a company that is so " on the ball " and I will not hesitate to recommend you when ever possible. Regards, Richard

  • Thanks for the great customer service and words of wisdom. I look forward to dealing with your company in the future. ~ Colleen

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt attention to my recent order. The new glasses are great and the way you responded so quickly was super! Thanks a bunch! ~ Garry

  • Just wanted you to know I got my glasses on Saturday - Well worth the weight. I love them. The best readers I've ever had. And the case I purchased is very deep inside, just what I needed for my sunglasses. Thanks so much - I will definitely be back for more!! ~ Jeannie

  • Thank you for such a speedy order. The glass cases I ordered are the nicest ones I have ever had. Thanks again, Mark

  • You people are the best! Thanks for the heads up! I love your product line and your customer service! Sincerely, Andrea

  • Always a pleasure to shop with you..... I am a repeat customer. Thank you, RaymondE\

  • I just received my glasses from you. Thanks for a great product, they are alot better than my perscription progressive bifocal glasses that I paid $300.00 for and can not use because I can not see out of them! Thank-you! ~ Doris


  • Thank you very much: it's lovely to deal with a company which respects customers and doesn't quibble. I almost didn't write to let you know, thinking it would be a waste of time from the other side of the world. It's good to know that I was wrong. ~Nada

  • Wow, I am impressed with your prompt service. I rec’d my lenses today. Thank you. ~ Deno

  • WOW awsome site and fast that is service just wanted to email to whom it may concern. Thank You, Jill

  • Thank you. I have shopped your site for years and love your glasses and customer service. Lernor


  • Thank you so much. It is a real pleasure doing business with a firm like yours, William C.

  • Many thanks for the way you have handled my order, it's been a pleasure to deal with you, all the best in the future.

  • Thanks It's nice dealing with someone who does what they say! Kudos!!

  • I received my glasses today and am thrilled with them. Thank you so much. Edmay

  • I bought a pair of these glasses last week and everyone who has seen me with them on has complimented me on how good they look~! Chris D.

  • Dear Debby Burke Optical, I am a U.S. Airman currently serving as a physician in Afghanistan. When I first arrived here, I only needed about +1.0 correction for reading. The lights used here on our base are dim, and so I quickly discovered I needed +1.5 correction. I found you through a web search and was pleased that you ship to APO addresses. When my Eye Stic glasses arrived, they were broken so I telephoned you to get another set. You heard that I was in Afghanistan and told me to not bother with the difficulty of shipping from a war zone. You sent me another pair promptly and with no extra change. Thank you so very much for shipping me the glasses. They have made my time here tremendously better now that I can see to read. When we spoke on the phone, I must have sounded a bit rushed because we were getting several casualties in just as we were speaking. I am sorry that I could not take longer to thank you for your generousity. I was really impressed with your willingness to help me and thought that many people just say it, but you really do "support our troops". I have carried my Eye Stic daily since the second one arrived. The fit nicely in several of the pockets of our uniforms. Thank you again, David G. Lt Col, USAF, MC

  • I appreciate you getting back to me. This was a great buying experience. I will definately recommend other people to you. Thank you. Emccra7478

  • I just received my glasses order and I have to tell you that I am very pleased with my purchase. I was surprised at the quality of the frames as well as the lenses. I will be pruchasing all my eyewear needs from you, from now on. thank you... Rhonda W.

  • Dear Sir; Thank you for sending me the assortment of glasses. They did magnify a little but the image was too blurred to be of any use, I wish they had done the job because it sounded so good. If you can thing of anything that might work, please contact me. Once again many thanks for your interest and excellent service. Sincerely, Florence B.

  • Dear Debby Burk Optical: Recently I ordered a pair of Global +175 reading glasses from you. The glasses are just what I was looking for and I like them a lot. Much to my chagrin however, I ordered the wrong power and would like to exchange them for a different strength of +1.50 if possible. I ordered with a credit card so for return shipping purposes you should have any info you may need. Thank you for your consideration and by the way. I have talked to tWO of your phone operators, both were knowledgeable and pleasant. Just thought you might want to know they are doing great jobs for you. Thank you sincerely, Randy H.

  • Many thanks for the way you have handled my order No.xxxxx, it's been a pleasure to deal with you. All the best in the future Anonymous

  • Thank you for your diligence in this matter. It certainly is unusual. I received the glasses today and you are correct, my account had been previously billed. I am finding the glasses to be very helpful with my vision problems on the PC. Thank you for your service. Kathyrn W

  • Thank you so much for the great service. I got so many compliments on my glasses. I gave out your website to coworkers. Thanks again Joanne W.

  • Hello, I received the replacement glasses today. I appreciate the excellent service. I would be very happy to add this positive experience to your web site. Tell me what I need to do to add it. Thanks again, Pat T

  • To Debby and the team at DebSpecs, I am so sorry it has taken me such a while to get in touch with you however I found out my number on the waiting list came up and I am having a total hip replacement (again) within the next few days. So life has been a bit frantic. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to you for ensuring my new "paws" glasses arrived in Australia so quickly. You truly are wonderful people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. So while I am in the hospital and at rehab I will be spreading the word of your site as these glasses always draw comments from everyone who sees them. They are just so cute and now I know the difference between readers and optical frames I have been treating them like fine crystal. I love them to death and I will be a returning customer. Now with skype I will be encouraging my husband and son to go through your site pick out glasses they are interested in and see what they look like on. All of your frames are just brilliant. You have a real talent in this area and your follow up service is just so nice (especially to twits like me that get muddled up between readers and optical frames). God bless you all and watch over you. I am so glad I found your site. Thank, thank you thank you. Julie R

  • Dear Madam, I was very pleased with your company for the prompt and kind attention given to me, particularly Suzy as well as the others in customer service. They are all so polite and helpful. Yours truly Antonia V/

  • Dear Debby Burk Optical: You are great! If only more companies were as goodas you are. The new ones are perfect. I will always refer others to you. Thank you. Jeff M.

  • Please accept the return of the enclosed magnifier for a refund. I purchased two clip-on magnifiers for my Dad to try and he picked one. I realize I'm very close to the 30 days by the time you receive this, but Dad took a little longer to make up his mind than I thought he would. He is very happy with them. At 82 his eyesight isn't the best and he's happy now because he can read his Bible and the newspaper much easier. We were so impressed with the product that I bought a smaller pair for my wife to use, and she loves them. Thank you. Russ A.

  • I received my order today and I am verysatisfied. It is nice to know I have a place to order "fun" reading glasses. Great service-thanks! Pat C.

  • I just want to THANK YOU for sending me a replacement pair of sun readers in Polant. They got here this week, in perfect condition, and it was so quick! you people are THE BEST!!!!! I have told everyone about your wonderful customer service and how well you stand behind your products. I have been a happy customer for several years and I am an even happier customer now. thanks again for great products a great prices and for your outstanding commitment to your customers. Best Regards-your grateful fan in Gdansk, Poland-Jennifer N.

  • Thank you very much for your kind response and sending me your e-mail link. Customer service like yours is seldom encountered in todays world. Cheri

  • Your customer service is terrific. it is that which makes purchasing eyeglasses from you a pleasure. J Anne S.

  • Hi Just got my order today and am pleased as can be! Thank you so much for your super-speedy shipping AND you got the order right. I will be back for more!!! Thank you again... you are a life saver! Karen

  • We received the refund and I will definitely recommend your company to all I know. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me as a customer. My customer will be looking online to order some different glasses he will be able to use. Thanks again!! Dale and Lynell D

  • Order 6---0 Great shop, great web interface great tracking, great packing and shipment. Great shipment papers! Thanks a lot and have a good business. Sergey E

  • Just a quick thank you-- Glasses better than what I had expected-- will show friends. thanks again.. Liberale F.

  • I have purchased glasses from you before for my mother and want you to know how much these helped her. She needs a 4.00 lens and these are impossible to find other than via your website. Your prices are very reasonable and your product always arrives in a timely fashion. Also, the selection is excellent. Thank you for offering these prodcuts online. Anne M.

  • I received my glasses yesterday - less than 10 days to Australia! I am soo impressed !! I do have the coolest readers in the whole of OZ!!! Thank you very much - will most definately use you again and all my friends will too!!

  • Dear Suzy, I was surprised to learn that a refund was issued to me this early. It is greatly appreciated. Your company is very prompt and reliable. I will spread the word around how efficient your company is and its customer service staff. Everyone is nice, helpful and very professional. I will shop on your website again and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Yours truly Antonia V.E

  • Hello, I just want to say how impressed I am with your brilliant service. I received my order this morning and they are brilliant! Your company has an excellent choice of frames, is very reasonably priced, and extremely prompt and efficient. I have used you before.... and I will most certainly use you again. Many, many thanks. Kind Regards, Belinda W

  • I'm so sorry! I just sent you an email asking as to whether or not an email confirmation would be sent when order is shipped. Please disregard that email. We just received the glasses in the mail just a few minutes ago. I could not be MORE satisfied with, you have the record on speedy service! I ordered the glasses at 9:32 AM on the 11th of June and received the glasses on the 13th. All I can say is "WOW". Thank you so very much. We will be doing future business with you. Maybe you can give your competitors some lessons on customer service? Again... thank you! Warm Regards, Roger M

  • Excellent servie. Ordered Tuesday product received Wednesday. Keep the Eye Stics in stock, great product. Thanks Dan R

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  • I am writing this from Australia to thank you so much for your service that I have found absolutely impecable. You are a company of repute you stood to your word I have received my replacement Colorado 2.75 couple of days ago after having contacted you with the problem I had and and being such a long way away, and you honored the replacement of the glasses. I want to thank you so much and I will most certainly doing business in the future. I have already recommended you to a few of my collegues. Thank you again and you will be hearing from me again for another purchase very soon. Many, many thanks to Debby and all your Staff. It is a pleasure to do business with you. Kind Regards, Irs D (Australia)

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  • Susan M
  • Just a little note to let you know how extremely pleased I am with every pair of glasses I ordered. You have such a wide variety to choose from. The shipping process (timewise) came quicker than I expected. I would definitely recommend Deb Specs and will order again in the future when I am wanting new eyewear accessories. If you have to wear specs, they should look good. Thanks again for a smooth transaction. R. Grable

  • Thank you for the quick turnaround on my refund. Thought you might like to know that my 85 year old father loves the +8 glasses we kept. He actually cried when he put them on and could read the newspaper again without holding it up to his nose! He is thrilled with the $80 readers compared to the $900 prescription pair he purchased from the low vision specialist. I only wish I found your site sooner:-) Thank you again for making my father's love of reading the newspaper enjoyable again!!

  • Lisa, I love my computer glasses! 6 days a week I am on my computer at least 5 hours a day and my eyes were getting sooooo tired. Now that I have my Deb Specs computer glasses with the Melanin lenses my eyes are just fine. The best part is that I don't have that "tired-end-of-the-day" looking eyes anymore. It was bad. My eyes were all haggard looking and I could not relax my face from squinting. Now I look so much better at the end of the day and my eyes feel so much better too! Thank you. Deb Specs! I'll recommend these glasses to everyone I know. Sincerely Christine

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  • Dear Debby Burk, I received my Reading Glasses from you two days ago, and I am writing to thank you for your excellent service, and for three pairs of glasses with which I am really delighted! I am sure I shall be buying from you again - such a good range of jolly and interesting frames, which makes a pleasant change from what I've been seeing here in England. Thanks again, and my best wishes to you; Jane

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  • I got the glasses today and they are perfect. Thank you so much for your service. I'm sure I will be ordering more in the future! Karen

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    Also, I ordered a pair of the low vision readers for my mom who has mascular degeneration. They were my gift to her at my 50th birthday dinner. She was delighted to be able to easily read the menu in the resturant once she put them on-- and that made me pretty happy, too.

    So, you've got a new, loyal customer. sincerely, Stacy

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  • TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is just a short note to tell you that I am thrilled to have found your website. Just received my order & it is exactly what I hoped it would be... a superior, well-made product. Also, I would like to thank you for your fast & excellent service. It's always a little scary to order something from an unknown source, but your company is really terrific & I expect to tell all my friends & acquaintances. Thanks for being there when we needed you. Sincerely, Arlene

  • Dear Debby, I can not believe your quick response and how kind you are. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question in such a personal manner. It really makes a difference. -Debbie

  • You need to create a new, easy to access link to your website for additional satisfied customers... to make it easy for them to give you a very high rating. Your service is unbelievably prompt, and when there are any problems with an order, your staff is very cordial and efficient in giving you immediate options by way of the telephone. I can not think of considering another source for my reading glasses, since I am one of those folks who never knows where I left the last pair... At the library?... At the last restaurant?...In the horse barn?...In a kitchen cabinet?????? Your website is very easy to follow and your eyglass styles are exceptional. I would not consider thinking of buying my glasses from anyone else. -Jane from Blanco, TX and Keene,NY


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  • ..if you notice a few more orders from Boise, that's because I've emailed all my middle-aged friends and people who have had Lasik with your website.  There is NO selection in this town!  Happy Holidays from Idaho where it is NINE DEGREES during the DAY...  -Jill, Boise Idaho

  • Thanks for taking care of this.  You folks give great service.  I love my other glasses I got from you about a year ago.  -Pat

  • I am very happy with the quality & simplicity of the specs I have received.  Will definitely send others your way.  Regards, Bill -ISS Technician

  • I think you just restored my faith in human nature.  I have been through 2 other suppliers; the last one sent me glasses that had so much distortion that the book looked like it was moving while I read it.  The 2 pair I did receive for you are working out fine for my wife.  Good quality.  Thanks again for your service.  I'll be ordering again for sure. -Greg, Comstock Park, MI

  • I want to thank you for my order, which I received today.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!  Most sincerely, Madeleine

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  • Hi again!  Thanx very much for your very speedy reply and of course, for the free pair of Motion glasses.  That was very kind of you.  I'll look forward to receiving them soon and am very impressed by your service.  Last time I purchased glasses from you, I made a mistake when ordering and you swiftly put it right for me.  I have passed your name to several friends since and hope you may have had some interest from them.  I'll put your name in front of them again - sometimes it takes a while........  !  Thanks again! Jean

  • I want to thank you for replacing the glasses that came to me in pieces.  That was so nice of you, I really never expected that to happen.  I will sing your praises high and low and will look to buy from you in the future.  Thanx again, Jayne

  • Fantastic service. thank you sooooooo much for the replacement CELEBRATION tort glasses  they are great ( both lenses same strength! )  The Glow ones are wonderful too.  I'll spread the word....thanks again.  -Yvonne

  • Thanks so much for the great service and the courtesy of the complimentary shipping.  And, rest assured, having been duly scolded (!), I won't make that particular boo-boo again... ;-)   Cheers, K

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  • I just wish to thank you for once again fantastic delivery on my last order to New Zealand.  the service is marvelous, as we order a number of items from America and we also export to America our own products to an agent in New Hampshire.  Your delivery has been by far the best, some people don't even bother to send the good ordered or contact us to why.  Our ordereds from the Smithsonian Institute take months and that is at the higher rate of delivery.  Our orders sent to America we have a dreadful time with constant hold-ups and delays.  So, we would love to know your secret.  Your products have proved excellent as I have to use optical prescription glasses for serious viewing, but always keep some of yours on hand everywhere.  As i pay NZ$700 for my glasses yours are much appreciated for casual use.  My husband uses nothing else but yours.........Thank you Debbie Burk Optical staff, from a very appreciative customer.  Jillian and Ranald, New Zealand jewelers

  • Thank you for your prompt reply.  I appreciate your response and look forward to receiving the new glasses.  I will continue to order from your company and to refer others to you.  I teach at a community college and receive almost daily compliments on my glasses from Debby Burk.  -Judy. Springfield, MO

  •'ve definitely made a return customer and I will tell others of my satisfaction.  Thanks very much and keep the good work.  -Bill

  • Thank you very much for your quick response and I appreciate the value you have shown me.  I will recommend you r web-site and services to others.

  • Just a quick note to let you know that I love my new glasses.  I'll happily recommend you to all my friends.  -Maggie, Oregon

  • Your product came today and I can't begin to tell  you how impressed I am!  First of all they got here like a week before I would even begin to start looking for it.  Second, the glasses (quality) are better than I have purchased at the local drug store, grocerty store...that sort of thing and at about 1/3 the price!  Third is the fact that I didn't have to go to the stores referenced in #2 above...hunt around for the right strength (which are usually parked in  a rack at floor level) and look like a complete idiot trying on a pair of reading glasses while damn near laying the the floor of the store.  Thanks!  I will shop with your outfit again!!  -Rob

  • Great!!  that is real customer service - I will continue using your website and order from you in the future!!  Great merchandise at great prices - with fabulous customer focus  (+ 2.00 that is!)  -D.

  • I love my first new glasses.  I ordered 4 pairs of funky style readers.  I am 47 and this is the first time I have had to wear glasses to read.  These work great!!!  at this price I can put them in my card, work, upstairs and purse.  (I am notorious for losing things), I will be ordering more in the different colors.  I will be your best sales person here in Northern California.  Thank you again for the variety.  You have made the transition fun.   -Anna

  • Wow, Again I am floored by your customer service.  Thanks.  -Tim, Eua Claire, Wisconsin

  • I love your service - you guys are great.  I've probably already bought 100 of these same glasses. -Janet

  • I am extremely pleased with your expedient service.  You are on my favorites list now an dI will be making future orders, along with my friends.  -David   Faber, Virginia

  • Hello.  Just thanking you for such quick service.  I had included a note with my Tuesday 5/30 glasses case order asking if I might have the case by Monday 6/5 for a special occasion gift.  I received it last Friday 6/2!  Thanks, and best wishes for your business.  -Patricia

  • THANK YOU for your excellent products, and your superfast response and delivery!!  I am very pleased.  With appreciation, Sheryl Rak

  • Thank you so very much.  I appreciate your prompt response and your caring customer service.  -Barbara

  • Thank you for the customer service in regards to the glasses that I incorrectly ordered on line.  i was very impressed that you so readily exchanged the correct pair for no fee.  I will recommend your products to many of my acquaintances.  Thank you again.  Stacy, Lake Oswego, Oregon

  • Thanks so much for your prompt response and excellent customer service!   -Mindy

  • You just guaranteed future purchases from me! -Linda

  • It's service like that that makes me glad that I have referred you to at least five friends so far!

  • Wow!!!  What a totally unexpected--and appreciated!-- suprise.  You've got a customer -for-life, folks.  Thank you!!!! K

  • Thanks for your prompt reply.  We received our glasses Saturday, June 17.  We're very pleased with our purchase and will be shopping with you again.  I will definitely refer your site to my friends!  -Penny

  • I must tell you how much I appreciate your caring customer service.  I had some problems with glasses that I had purchased there and you kindly sent me a replacement pair, as well as a small tool that tightens multiple screw.  It has been wonderful and I am grateful.  Thank you,   Gail

  • Just to let you know, this is my 2nd order and I love your bifocal sunglasses.  Thanks.  -Karla, MO

  • I just wanted to tell you that I was impressed with the speed and quality of service that you provided concerning my order.  I will definitely  consider Debby Burk Optical for my future needs.  -Steve, Columbus, Ohio

  • Your service and products are awesome.  I get so many compliments on the frames I bought from you.  Now I am REALLY proud to be counted among your customers.  -Esti  Montreal, Canada

  • Dear Customer Service Executive,

    I just rec'd my reading glasses. I love them.They are better than they were in the picture. They fit well and they are beautiful. The magnification level is perfect. The frame color is actually a dark metallic copper that I greatly prefer and am happier with them than if they had been in a wine color. That is because my skin is fair and my hair is coppery red, and I have reddish brown eyes. So I am pleasantly surprised and much more pleased than I thought I would ever be. Now they are definitely my favorite reading glasses. Thank you for a high quality stylish product, and thank you for your speedy and prompt service and shipping. Also thank you for getting back to me on the same day.

    Godd luck to you and your organization and I wish you all continued success.

    Have a great day,

    With Best Wishes,


  • Thanks so much for your quick response.  I love doing business with your most friendly and gracious company.  Merry Christmas.   -Nancy



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