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Plastic Tops (metal bottom). The hottest eye-wear fashion will be combination plastic/ acetate & metal frames. The acetate top gives a real vintage 1950's feel. Some are replicas true to the old day, while others pay homage but take it to another level: Pink acetate tops, unique shapes, sunglasses. Whether you're a purist or like an adventurist twist, these styles are going to stick around for a long long time.

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Winchester H power  (Low Vision Aids)SALE last few

Winchester H power (Low Vision Aids)SALE last few
SKU:  FW116-325
Price: $14.95

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Plastic Top, Metal bottom sun reader

Rock n Roll (all reading sun)
SKU:  co403
Price: $13.95

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Rock and Roll clear

Rock and Roll clear
SKU:  co403cl
Price: $13.95

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