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Plastic Blow out FOUR PAIR

Item #: PlasBO1
Our Price: $24.95
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BIG SALE ASSORTED plastic frames, tailored-chic for today's eyeglass user. DONT MISS YOUR CHANCE. Order now, going fast.
  • Strengths +100, +125, +150, +200, +225, +250, +300, +400
  • Fits Small, Average and Wide Faces

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    Average Rating: (based on 5 reviews) Review summary.

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    by Marykay Marchman
    on 4/2/2014
    colors were all black.
    The glasses would be rated a 5 if they were in colors, the lighter the better, like the pink one shown.  But I don't like black glasses on me and would never ever let anyone see me in them--I don't like any dark colors.
    by Laurie
    on 3/12/2013
    Great quality and price
    The frames I got are all plastic and pretty cool looking, and the lense quality is good.  Very happy with my purchase
    by Jon
    on 8/8/2012
    Not quite what I expected
    from DebSpecs: Stock Room Error. This SHOULD be for plastic frame glasses. Sent new correct glasses. 
    I guess I shouldn't be picky about this grab bag, but out of four pairs, only one is what I expected.
    One was a pair of bifocal sun readers of truly spectacular unfashionability. They look like something a broke Elvis impersonator might buy at a 7-11. I guess they technically meet the product description, but bifocal sunglasses were not at all what I had in mind.
    Two of the remaining three "plastic" frames had fully metal temples, which is what we were trying to avoid by ordering plastic frames. Of those, one looks like what you would get if you asked the world's most uninspired designer to create some glasses for Lisa Loeb, and the other is a rectangular slab of clear plastic with two metal temples attached to it and a notch for your nose. They look like safety glasses, and perhaps they are.
    So only one pair is a full plastic-framed regular reader, and though it won't win any design awards either, at least you could consider wearing it out of the house.
    Live and learn, I guess.
    by Carla
    on 5/25/2012
    I love a Bargain!
    I say it's a bargain, because I get beautiful frames with outstanding clear and clean lens. These are very durable and I'm very hard on a pair of glasses.I buy these 4 pair bargain because I can misplace glasses better than most. But also the price is difficult to pass up. I get 4 pair of glasses w/ lens for less than what I would have to pay for just the frames. I wear 4.00+ lens, which are very strong as well as expensive. Debby has taken the high prices to become very affordable and this is great for us Seniors living on our Social Security & Widows benefits. Thanks again, Debby.
    by Diane
    on 10/14/2011
    I'm Not Fussy
    I use eyeglasses for reading and am interested only in comfort and magnification, not style, so the plastic blow-out four pair is perfect for me. Usually I can use 3 out of the 4 pair - sometimes the plastic over the nose is not planed down and scratches and sometimes one pair is too small for my face, but otherwise I like them just fine.
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