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Networker Dual Strength Bifocal Computer Glasses

Item #: DEB104
Reg. Price: $39.95
Our Price: $25.95
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Two powers- Top of lens for viewing computer, bottom lens for reading. They are clear, not sun.
Rimless rectangular optical quality eyeglass frame, gold metal finish. Black faux leather eyeglass case.

Please note that these are NOT Melanin tinted, but they do have anti-glare lens coating. These are especially good if you find you are having trouble adjusting your eyes when you jump from reading something on your desk, to looking at your computer screen.

• prevents the eyestrain, headaches, neck and back pain associated with viewing a computer without the proper eyeglasses...most people use their reading glasses so they are straining their eyes, or wear no vision correction, so view the computer in an unnatural body position causing physical discomfort.

• the anti-glare coating on the eyeglass lens filters the glare coming from the computer screen, providing visual comfort, and visual acuity

• no need to visit an eye professional and pay hundreds of dollars for a prescription lens, our two power computer readers provide a custom solution at an affordable cost

Computer Eyed’s two power reading glasses have:

  • Anti-glare lens coating
  • Light comfort tint
  • Optical quality eyeglass lenses
  • Optical quality eyeglass frame
  • 5-3/16" by 1-1/2" is good for average size faces.
  • Spring hinges
  • Coordinating eyeglass case
  • Available in: +150, +175, +200, +225, +250, +275, +300
  • Back To Form
    Top Strength: The top portion is a little more than 50% the strength than the bottom portion.
    Example: a +150 strength would have a +1.50 bottom and about + .75 top.
    Half moon shape: Bifocals are a half-moon with rounded part on the top.

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    Average Rating: (based on 14 reviews) Review summary.

    Showing 1 - 5 of 14 Reviews:

    by Elaine
    on 2/1/2014
    Rimless Computer Glasses
    This is a wonderful idea, but the glasses just didn't work for me.  The reading strength is too strong for me, and the glasses weren't available in the strength I need.  Also, the fit was a problem.
    by Steve P.
    on 11/29/2013
    Good glasses, weak construction
    In all I have purchased four pairs of these because I like the style and the function. The work great but the construction is very weak. Everything is held together with tiny little screws and bolts. The bolts will, without fail, work loose. You can re-tighten them up to a point but eventually metal fatigue will get the better of you. ADVICE: As soon as these arrive, I put a drop of red loctite (available at any auto or hardware store) on every screw/bolt and let it sit overnight. Makes a HUGE difference in serviceability and longevity. Great glasses other than that. I will keep buying these until something better comes along.
    by Linda Thompson
    on 9/26/2013
    Computer Glasses
    I would recommend these.  They are stylish and cut the glare down alot.  The bi-focal part needs to be a little larger or in a progressive style though.  All in all it is a great product.
    Thank you.
    by Mike T
    on 5/29/2013
    Nice Glasses
    I like these glasses although it is a little difficult to get used to using them.
    by Sheryl Rak
    on 2/19/2013
    Love these, except frames exceptionally weak
    I LOVE these glasses, yet have had to purchase multiple pairs in a short period of time (a couple years...), as the screws holding the frames to the lenses become LOOOOSE right away, and after a few weeks of tightening them gently, eventually daily, the screw connections become impossible to tighten to keep frames able to fit on face.
    I need and love the BIFOCAL feature of these, with the needed full reading strength in the lower portion, & an intermediate strength in the upper portion, allowing wondrously easier reading of the full computer screen and other reading materials on a desk at varying distances from me...  
    This feature is fantastic, and these would be my most favorite glasses, if I could keep them fitting my face.
    It just occurred to me that perhaps a drop of glue on each of the four screws might be helpful...
    GREAT glasses, yet, with a frame problem.
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