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Blue light (also known as HEV's) are emitted by phones, tablets, and computer monitors. For many computer and device users, exposure contributes to eye strain, fatigue, blurred vision, tired eyes, itchy eyes, or headaches. Long term over exposure to HEV's may contribute to more serious eye problems. These Melanin lens computer glasses are especially effective in absorbing glare and harmful rays. (Specifically blue, violet & fluorescent light). They are available in reading strengths as well as no power for those who don't need glasses but want the protection.

Melanin is actually a chemical found in our skin and the lens inside our eyes, and is our bodies' natural protection against harmful rays, be it sunlight or artificial light. The patented method of infusing Melanin into eyeglass lenses acts as additional protection for our eyes. These lenses cause minimal changes to color perception, and the amber tint enhances contrast.


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FireFox (with case) (Melanin Lens Computer Glasses)

FireFox (with case) (Melanin Lens Computer Glasses)
SKU:  PH5757
Price: $39.95

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Facebook with case (Melanin)

Facebook with case (Melanin)
SKU:  PH3826
Price: $41.95

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Programmer w/case (Computer Glasses, Melanin Lens)

Programmer w/case (Computer Glasses, Melanin Lens)
SKU:  PHR3802
Price: $34.95

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