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Eyejusters 2 (adjustable strength) NEW VERSION
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Item #: EJ2
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Now taking pre-orders. These will be available about 8-27-2015 Please note these are READING GLASSES, and like all readers, they are not meant to look around the room with. from +25 to+450 They are designed for close up vision only. Adjust each lens with the simple twist of a knob to suit your reading glass strength. These amazing reading glasses were first created for the developing world, where access to eye-care isn't always possible. It is now available at DebSpecs. *Not intended to replace prescribed correction lenses or examinations by an eye care health professional.
Who can benefit?
  • People with different reading strengths in each eye.
  • People who have different readers for different tasks. Reading, cooking, sewing, stamp collecting, electronic hobby, fixing jewelry, and even reading the computer. Adapt to all your close-up vision needs in one pair of glasses.
  • Ever borrow readers from your spouse, and they're a little off? Turn the knob and make them yours!
  • People who love new & innovative inventions.
How they work:
  • Each eye has an adjustable knob
  • Two lenses slide over each other, adjusting the strength as if you're looking through one lens.
  • Although easy to adjust, it is important to pay attention to a few small details. Keep in mind that these adaptable glasses do take a little more effort than the one-strength only kind.
  • Turn the knobs outward as far as you can.
  • Put the glasses on and push them as far up your nose as you can. They are not the sort of glasses that will work when worn low on the nose.
  • At first, they will probably be too strong. Turn both the dials toward you until they are your general strength
  • Now fine tune each eye
Specs of each package:
  • Spring Hinge
  • 5-3/8" x 1-1/10" fits average to wide faces.
  • A hard plastic case.
  • A cleaning cloth.
  • Specific instructions.
  • Strength can be adjusted to all the following strengths, and everything in between: + .25, + .50, +100, +125, +150, +175, +200, +225, +250, +275, +300, +325, +350, +375, +400
  • Focusable
**A portion of the proceeds will go towards donating Eyejuster glasses to projects throughout the developing world.
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by Russ Somdahl
on 12/28/2014
Eye musters 2
Gift for my wife and she won't take them off. She says it's really great that she has really nice looking glasses and can see really well out of both eyes.  
by william graham
on 6/11/2014
reading glass's
The product is of very good quality and I can recomend them to other eye patients they are cheaper than glass's
precreibt from a Eye Doctor. My wife and I are both very happy .
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