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Emergensee adjustable reading glasses

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  • EmergenSee Glasses won a 2013 Bronze Edison Award for innovative products creating a positive impact on the world.
  • Hi tech adjustable strength reading glasses in a modern plastic frame work by adjusting 2 dials that focus each eye independently.
  • 5-18" x 1-1/2" for SMALL faces to small-average
  • Packaged in hard plastic case
  • Power ranges from -6.0 to +3.00. For long-sightedness, short-sightedness and presbyopia only
  • How does it work? 2 layers of lenses slide over each other with the twist of a dial, changing the overall thickness and consequently focus.
  • Not intended for astigmatism, and not intended to replace the need for regular eye health examinations.
  • Who should use this? Someone who uses different reading glasses throughout the day for different tasks, ie- viewing the computer, reading the newspaper, fixing jewelry require different focus. You can adjust the strength of these glasses for the different tasks. Also, someone who lost their distance glasses and needs an emergency pair. This is intended as a SHORT TERM temporary fix if used for distance wear.
  • The lenses are NOT scratch resistant, so handle with care!
  • Though these glasses are NOT UV or anti glare, some people may like to use them for the computer because you can adjust the strength a little weaker. People on average need less magnification to view their monitors as they do for regular close up reading.
  • Focusable
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    by John Henning
    on 8/7/2013
    Adjustable Strength Glasses
    The glasses are just as advertised. They have been useful to me with very close objects, reading, computer screen,and distance. I bought the glasses to experiment with to understand more about my own vision problems. It would be help if the diopter setings were indicated by markings on the sliding frames so a setting could be reset from the number. The price was very reasonable especially when compared to other sources.
    by Daxrunner
    on 5/3/2013
    Not as good as I'd hoped
    While the glasses do focus through the range as advertised, there is considerable distortion compared to a pair of plain old cheap readers. That might just be inherent in the design. As an aging IT technician, I have to focus on tiny things at many different distances and I'd hoped to use these a lot at work. But they're not that useful. Also, I suspect with constant refocusing they would scratch as the two lenses rub together. 
    All that having been said, however, they would be just fine as an emergency pair for anyone in the family who suddenly was without glasses, and after all, that IS what they are advertised to provide. 
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