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  • In NO strength, as well as reading strengths. Glare reduction. Protection from UVa, UVb, & HEV. Melanin's natural amber tint enhances the screen.
  • The strength on the top portion of the lens is for viewing the computer, and the strength on the bottom is for close-up material. Anti-glare lens coating.
  • Other computer glasses that we carry from various manufacturers. All are anti reflective & UV filtering. Read each product to find out their unique properties.
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Browse ALL of our computer glasses here, or choose from one of our subcategories:

1. Melanin Lens, for super glare protection, as well as UVa, UVb and HEV. Available for people with perfect vision, as well as those who wear readers.

2.Two-strength bi-focals, to prevent neck/back strain shifting from reading to viewing your comptuer

Various other computer glasses, all anti reflective and with UV absorbing properties, that are available on the market today. Available for people with perfect vision, as well as those who wear readers.

Guide for finding which computer glasses are best for you.

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Networker (Bi-focal computer glass)

Networker (Bi-focal computer glass)
SKU:  DEB104
Price: $25.95

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Astute Bifocal Computer Glasses

Astute Bifocal Computer Glasses
SKU:  DEB108
Price: $25.95

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Blogger (Bi-focal computer glasses)

Blogger (Bi-focal computer glasses)
SKU:  DEB107
Price: $25.95

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