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Blogger (Bi-focal computer glasses)

Item #: DEB107
Reg. Price: $39.95
Our Price: $25.95
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Tortoise shell design eyeglass frame, half rim frame, tortoise shell design temples, faux brown leather eyeglass case.

Please note that these are NOT Melanin tinted, but they do have anti-glare lens coating. These are especially good if you find you are having trouble adjusting your eyes when you jump from reading something on your desk, to looking at your computer screen.

• prevents the eyestrain, headaches, neck and back pain associated with viewing a computer without the proper eyeglasses...most people use their reading glasses so they are straining their eyes, or wear no vision correction, so view the computer in an unnatural body position causing physical discomfort.

• the anti-glare coating on the eyeglass lens filters the glare coming from the computer screen, providing visual comfort, and visual acuity

• no need to visit an eye professional and pay hundreds of dollars for a prescription lens, our 2 power computer readers provide a custom solution at an affordable cost

Computer Eyed’s two power reading glasses have:
  • 5 1/4" by 1 1/5"
  • Anti-glare lens coating
  • Light comfort tint
  • Tortoise Rimless bottom
  • Optical quality eyeglass lenses
  • Optical quality eyeglass frame
  • Spring hinges
  • Coordinating eyeglass case
  • Available in: +150, +175, +200, +225, +250, +275
  • (Refers to the bottom strength. The top strength is ABOUT 50% weaker to adjust for computer viewing)
    Top Strength: The top portion is about half a diopter weaker than the bottom portion.
    Example: a +150 strength would have +150 bottom/+100 top.


    Average Rating: (based on 10 reviews) Review summary.

    Showing 1 - 5 of 10 Reviews:

    by Lori
    on 12/23/2015
    part is good, but they won't work
    Hi there;
    Oh I was so excited to give these a try.  The top part that is supposed to be the "computer" lense - perfect!!
    The bifocal part - NOT.  I agree with another post in here that says the bifocal part is not even almost the strength it is supposed to be.  I needed 250.  Again, the supposed 125 part - excellent for the computer screen - the 250 part I do not believe is almost 250 because they are not even close to my 250 reading glass strength.  I can't see through the bifocal part.  **from DebSpecs: Sound defective. The bottom should be a definite strength on which the top is adjusted, not the other way around. 
    by Bobbie
    on 1/15/2015
    Not as Described
    I would not recommend these computer glasses to anyone. The description says that they are one strength on the bottom and half that strength on the top when in reality they have a small half moon bifocal for the bottom viewing which would be for the up close reading. They aren't even close to the strength as they are described. I was very disappointed and returned them with 4 days of receiving them. Too bad as I thought that I had found the perfect pair of glasses for my needs. I hope that their return and refund policy is better than their glasses. *from DebSpecs: All affordable over the counter bifocals are half-moon. "Executive Cut" (totally across half the lens) would add $10 to the price. 
    by Tammy
    on 11/24/2014
    Bifocal narrow glasses
    I bought this pair and one other bi-focal computer glasses from  This pair works good, my only complaint is the narrow lens decreases the area of the bottom strength.  Find myself having to search for the bifocal part when going between computer and reading something on my desk.
    The other pair I would rate as great.
    by Martha
    on 8/4/2014
    Computer Eyed's Blogger
    I love the these glasses and can not live without the bifocal functionality, however, the way the lenses are attached to the frame leaves a lot to be desired.  The lenses are held in the frame on the bottom by a clear plastic filament.  If the filament snaps, there is no fix for the glasses and you will need a new pair.  If the lens pops out, it is impossible to pop it back in without snapping that filament, so you will need a new pair.  I do love how they look and I have had 6 pairs so far!
    by Bobbie
    on 8/31/2012
    Computer glasses
    Crunching numbers at the computer all day..these glasses are perfect.
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